Tuesday, June 26, 2012

R is for... Reviews

It's been almost a year since I had the privilege of joining the Schoolhouse Review Crew and what a blessing it has been!  We've been able to to try all kinds of homeschool resources in our home - many times these products were new to me and I wouldn't have known about them otherwise, and sometimes there have been products I'd been curious about or even had on my Wish List.  We've had some great experiences with reviews over this past school year, and found some great products.  And of course we've had some things that really stretched us too!

Some of the things we reviewed found a spot in our 2012-2013 school year line-up - so far those include: Write with WORLDMyMathLabVisual Latin, and God's Great Covenant.  We will be studying classical astronomy using Signs & Seasons from Fourth Day Press, a book I learned of only because we reviewed the Celestial Almanack they had published monthly.  Towards the beginning of the school year, we reviewed Math Mammoth, and I dropped the math curriculum Kennady had been using because Math Mammoth just worked much better for her.  She is still working through that worktext and I've since purchased other products from the same publisher to use over the next several years.  We reviewed a web-based math program at ALEKS and liked it so much that Spencer finished his geometry course there. We're working on math and literature reviews right now that will probably find a lasting home on my homeschool shelf, and a geography resource that I started using several years ago so I already know I love it.

Besides all the great resources that we can try out, being on the Schoolhouse Review Crew has been a blessing in another way.  I am getting to know a lot of wonderful homeschoolers, and enjoy reading their blogs.  I hope some of the reviews I've written are helpful to other homeschoolers trying to decide which resources would be a good fit for them.

You can find links to all the reviews I've written for the Schoolhouse Review Crew on my page titled "My Reviews" (and please follow my blogtoo!). Visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog to find all the reviews from the Crew.  


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