Monday, November 5, 2012

Goal Planning Monday: November 5, 2012

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. ~Psalm 90:12~

My to-do list was fairly simple last week.  I wanted to be prepared for Hurricane Sandy, and to enjoy the time with my parents.  Thankfully, the storm didn't hit us locally nearly as badly as expected; and even those cabin fever days turned out to be a blessing since it gave us some extra family time.  
  1. Double check emergency supplies to make sure we have what we need. Done. In this case, we were over-prepared because we never did lose power, but it was good practice for me to see what we should have on hand during the winter.  I'm certainly not a 'prepper' although I definitely see the advantage in that, but there's a lot to be learned from my prepper friends and their precautions. 
  2. Enjoy spending time with Mom and Dad. Done!  Turned out Harrison's work was closed on Tuesday, so he had an entire day to spend with us too.
  3. Do the basics with school so we don't get behind.  Done.  But I'm still behind on grading...
  4. Keep the house tidy. Done.
  5. Be grateful for Mom's help in the kitchen and with the sewing.  Done!
  6. Help the kids figure out costumes IF we have our Trunk or Treat activity.  Done!  Gramma helped Kennady sew some accessories for her Civil War era southern belle costume.  Landon came up with ideas for a Swedish Chef costume, so I helped him make a chef's hat.  And Harrison went as the Koolaid Man so I picked up a shirt for him, at his request.  Spencer opted not to dress up, but I did.  I put together a silly wizard outfit.  We had a lot of fun at Trunk or Treat!
  7. This week's errands and to-do list: complete. There certainly weren't that many places to go, so it was pretty easy.  LOL    
This week, we'll have to hit the books hard and get back into a regular school routine.  (For a couple weeks, until Thanksgiving...  Oh well!)

  1. Clean up and organize. DH came up with the idea of the two of us going through every room in the house this week, and noting the projects and clean-up things that need doing, and then deciding which we will commit to during November.  I think this is a great idea, although we're likely to have some differing ideas as to what is highest priority!  But teamwork will help, I'm sure of that.  I think cleaning/organizing our bedroom will probably make the list so I'll mention it here as something I plan to work on.
  2. Schoolwork and grading.  I've let Landon and Kennady have a break from math and language arts while my parents were here, so we'll start back up with those this week.  Spencer worked on most of his subjects, but at a very relaxed pace, so I will have to see what progress he's made and what he needs to focus on to stay on track.  And I need to get grading caught up this week and do report cards for Landon and Kennady.
  3. Sewing projects. Kennady has a couple projects on the go that she started with Gramma.  I need to strike while the iron is hot and help her continue with those, and maybe that will also spur me on to get my projects done too!
  4. Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. My goal is to finish shopping for ours and pack them up by Sunday.
  5. Baking and meal planning. I've been doing a great job of baking bread regularly, so I want to keep that good habit going!  Also need to keep planning ahead for meals, especially healthier ones.
  6. Blog goals... I'm planning on participating in a 5 Day blog hop this week, so I am jumping right back into blogging after taking a two-week break! And I have some other things I'm working on too.
  7. This week's errands and to-do list includes: voting! Also, Landon will be assisting with set-up and tear-down of voting machines with CAP.  We should be back at choir, gym, and church activities this week, and I expect to have some shopping trips and library runs to do as well.

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