Wednesday, March 15, 2006

One down, two to go!

Outside classes, that is!  Yesterday, Tuesday, was Spencer's last Art class.  I enrolled him in a 6 week art class for homeschoolers that met on Tuesday afternoons at the Arts Council in town.  It was a neat class, and he enjoyed it, despite not knowing any of the other kids.  For Spencer, who is not outgoing in the least, not knowing anybody in the class was a huge negative!  But I think it was a big confidence builder for him - because he did it!  He went to class every week, learned about art and artists and didn't have an anxiety attack!  He did keep to himself though - it's not like he MADE any new friends.  Other good news - as a result of taking this class and surviving, he is willing to try one of the art camps offered by the community colleges this summer.  I am looking at a Cartooning camp that I think would be perfect for him.  (Hope I have a hundred extra bucks so I can pay for it.)

We still have co-op classes on Thursday afternoons  - Kennady has a preschool class; Landon takes Art, Maryland History, and Geography; Spencer takes Art, Geography and Civics; and Harrison takes Geography and Civics.  Those classes will run through the end of April.  On Friday afternoons the kids are all in a gym class that our homeschool fellowship group offers.  I wish every homeschooler had access to great co-ops like these! 

Now, the art class is finished, but that doesn't mean I have one things less on my calendar each week... Landon starts baseball this week! On Thursday no less!  Busiest day of the week, although at least I don't have anything in the evenings. 


MellyAnna said...

I wish we had some co-op classes!! Especially the art classes! Logan loves art and drawing! He would love the cartooning class!!!!

Prncsstefy said...

It's not easy stepping out of your comfort zone. Good for you Spencer, you did it!!!

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