Saturday, March 11, 2006

But Mom, that's not fair...

I've already heard that line a couple times today, and expect I'll be hearing it some more before the morning is through.  I've made myself ever so popular with the boys (not) by telling them that we will be doing some schoolwork today.  "But Mom!!!!! It's Saturday!"  Yeah, and?  LOL  Here's the thing - for 12 weeks starting in February we have co-op class every Thursday afternoon and gym class every Friday afternoon.  Throw in the occasional mornings out and we are not hitting the books for as much time as we need to.  If we want summer vacation, that is.  I have family coming for a 2-3 week visit in April, and I'm under no illusions that we will be able to keep up a regular school schedule the whole time they are here.  Therefore - Saturday school makes total sense to me.  Besides, I'm evil.  LOL

Today might be a good day to get caught up on grading papers.  Ugh.  I tend to get behind on that after the Thursday/Friday runaround routine.  Also might a good day to clean up and reorganize this schoolroom, which quite frankly, more closely resembles a junkroom at this point.  I take the blame for most of that, because I started moving books and bookshelves, and pulled a lot of stuff out that I haven't put back.  And honestly, if a job seems overwhelming or unpleasant to me, I tend to procrastinate on it.  As if that will somehow make it better?  Or maybe I am thinking that it will magically clean itself?  You'd think that after 30+ years of putting off the unpleasant, I would have learned that it just gets harder instead of easier to do the job, but I still tend towards my avoidance technique.  *sigh*  LOL

At any rate, DH is more than likely taking the boys to a card show this afternoon/evening, so it will be just me and Kennady.  So the possibility exists that I can tackle one of my big projects for an hour or two without interruption.  Then again, the possibility also exists that Kennady and I will put on a chick flick (she's 4yo, so I'm thinking a Disney Princess movie - or maybe we could watch Ever After or The Sounds of Music) and eat popcorn.


Emily23 said...

LOL I tried to tell my son I could get him homework to do today, he wasn't too thrilled until I mentioned Science, but I don't have what he wants to work on. But am looking for Good luck with the project or just enjoy that movie ;)

LindaI said...

My vote was for the disney movies and popcorn. :) But I am too late so what did you pick?

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