Friday, March 10, 2006

Today's Thoughts

We just finished Science class for today.  I like what we're doing in Science right now - we're studying a MasterBooks text called Exploring the History of Medicine.  It's not difficult - just reading the chapters together and then answering the quiz at the end of each.  But the boys really enjoy it, and it doesn't take much preparation on my part so it's a good way to start the school day!  For some of the chapters, I have assigned additional reading, or we'll watch a related video if I can find one.  We talked about the discovery and development of anesthetics in surgery and dentistry, and I did manage to find an interesting DVD at the library called "Accidental Inventions" which included a segment about ether anesthetic.  To my delight, while I required the boys to watch that segment of the DVD, they enthusiastically decided to watch the other NINE segments as well.  Most of which didn't directly relate to our study of medicine, but fascinating nonetheless.  My kids now know how the microwave oven was invented, how the Post-It note was invented and how it is made, and even something about how explosives and Teflon were developed.  Will it inspire them to be chemists or doctors themselves?  I have no idea, but for about 90 minutes I had three kids who WANTED to learn about scientific discovery and were interested in how scientists came up with these neat ideas.  That's worth quite a bit to me. 

On the other hand, these boys are still having trouble getting to school on time, especially after breaks between subjects.  Case in point - just now, Harrison came and wanted to know if he could get himself this that or the other to eat.  I'm like "Hello, you JUST had a 10 minute break, and the first thing you want to do when you're supposed to be getting out your Math book or your Language Arts is waste some time getting something to eat???? WHY did you not get something to eat during your break?????"  Apparently I will have to militant about this for a week or two (or eight LOL) longer before it's ingrained - again.  Harrison claims his alarm clock doesn't work any more and that's why he doesn't always get up on time in the morning.  Whatever. Spencer's alarm clock works and it's only about 6 feet away.  LOL  I'm considering buying Harrison a new alarm clock.  Think he'll be thrilled? 

Now if only there was a way to get through Math faster.  Then I'd feel like we were really accomplishing something.  For now I guess I'll be satisfied with our gains in Science, Civics and History.  

I continue to rejoice greatly in Landon's reading ability.  He's doing great, and that fact is restoring my confidence in my ability to teach reading - Harrison was a little too easy to teach (I'm speaking of reading here, that's probably the only area  in which he was "easy" to teach), and I was baffled by the trouble Spencer had in grasping the same concepts.  The truth is that Spencer is just not naturally gifted with linguistic skills.  Landon was resistant to learning to read - he just wasn't interested, but over the last couple of months he has decided that he DOES want to learn and he is getting it done.  Somewhat of an "aha" moment (as well as wondering whether I've created a monster LOL) occurred for me a couple days ago when I realized that he was reading over my shoulder as I was posting on a message board!!!!!  LOL

That's all for now, as I can hear Landon and Kennady aggravating Harrison in the dining room (where he is supposedly working on the Language Arts) so I will have to intervene. 


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