Monday, July 17, 2006

First day of School

Although it's still summer school, Kennady has decided she is ready to start Kindergarten!  She actually started on Friday evening.  The boys all had homework to do, and without anyone to play with, Kennady remembered how eager she was to start her "learning books"  I gave her some instructions and let her get started on Kindergarten math.  The first chapter of the book reviews all the concepts children need to understand in order to make sense of math, and she knows most of them.  Bigger, smaller, over, under, beside, longest, shortest... those are some of the concepts.  She caught on very quickly to left and right, which is something I hadn't really taught her yet, and had to be reminded what "between" means.  She knows colors and shapes too, so it was an easy and fun start to her schooling.  She's working on the math book now, and is bugging me to come and explain what to do next.  In other words, my time here is up!


DanielleW said...

That's just wonderful that she is so motivated and excited. I don't think Cameron will be the same way. But Kennady has a slight advantage. With three older brothers constantly learning I'm sure plays a part in her motivation.

Prncsstefy said...

WTG Kennady!!!

LindaI said...

you still going with her school? I am anxious but not really rushed to start. I need more time to geer up for it :)

kympossible said...

Hi Linda! Kennady is old enough, she is ready for Kindergarten, and I expect that the novelty of "doing school" will wear off soon enough. LOL So for the rest of our summer school schedule, if she wants to do Math I am all for it.


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