Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This Week's Plan

Take Two.  I had most of this typed up and then did something stupid and lost it all.  Oh well. 


I don't have great plans to conquer all of the remaining schoolwork, but I think we need to get serious about finishing up some things in the near future.  I don't have a problem with finishing schoolwork in the summer if it's not quite done by report card time, but I'd like to be closer than what we are right now.  I have the boys signed up for a homeschool recreation day at the nature center on Friday.  They are looking forward to that, but yesterday Harrison was taking the "relax I've got PLENTY of time" attitude to school - so... I reminded him (and the other boys) that there would be an assignment deadline on Thursday night, and anyone who didn't have the required work done by then would not go to the rec day.  So now I'm realizing that it would probably be a very good idea if I actually wrote down what assignments they each need to complete by that deadline.  I can't rely on my memory, that's for sure. 


Harrison is very close to being finished with his algebra text.  I caught up on some grading last night and noticed a couple types of problems that he is not understanding (as far as I can tell) so we will review those tonight.  I bet he can finish that book by the end of next week.  Not so close for other subjects, but if we can close the gap on them before I have to meet with my oversight and review the work for the year, I will call it good.


And I'm so anxious to get started with lesson planning for next year!  Already I know of one thing that I will do differently - I will enter ALL (or most, anyway) of the assignments into my Homeschool Tracker at the beginning of the year, instead of trying to get them in week by week, as I have been.  That works fine until I get behind (like I am right now) and have to rely on my memory to reconstruct what got done when.  Some is written down, and the kids are pretty good about dating their work, but it's still more work for me than it needs to be.  Even if I have to adjust due dates along the way, entering all of the assignments at once will be less work in the long run, I'm sure.


DanielleW said...

Ah! Next year! Just today I cleaned our HS book shelf. I'm still organizing but I'm already wanting to start next years things.

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