Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Homeschool "History"

So I was reading blogs this morning, and found this tag on Jacque's "Seeking Rest in the Ancient Paths" Since I am currently in lesson-planning, goal-setting mode, I thought it would be fun to do this.  I am not going to tag anyone else either, but if you'd like to do this too, please leave me a comment.  I like getting ideas and inspiration from the many different homeschooling things we all do!


Here goes:

I started homeschooling ________ years ago (or year)

In the fall of 1997, when Harrison was 5 and starting Grade 1.   

I homeschool __ of my children

All four of our children.

 I teach my children to read at age(specific age or not?)

I started each of them with "formal" phonics during Kindergarten (except Harrison, who never did K!) but I do tend to follow their lead as far as readiness.  Harrison was reading a lot of sight words by age 3 and learned quite a bit before I ever gave him his first workbook. 

A few of my most favorite homeschool teaching resources are:

The library!! LOL 

Do you write out goals for school each year?

Sort of... I do like to write down some character and discipline goals for each child at the beginning of the school year, especially for the younger ones. 

What time do you start school each day? Do you have a specific schedule?

Last school year, we usually started about 8:30 with Bible reading.  I tried to keep to a loose schedule with Landon and Kennady.  I'm not good with rigid schedules, but I see the need to have something to keep us (ME!) on track.

I have used ___ math programs. My favorite is:

Two, Modern Curriculum Press and Saxon. I like both - we've used, and will continue to use MCP for Grades 1-6, and Saxon for Grade 7 and up.

I have used ___ science programs. My favorite is:

Five or Six? Wow.  A Beka, MasterBooks, Considering God's Creation, Apologia, God's Design for Life, and I have developed my own curriculum too.  I really like the God's Design series that I am currently using with the younger three kids.  Harrison is doing Apologia and he does NOT like it, which makes us feel rather oddball in the homeschooling community.  LOL  The MasterBooks ones are very good, and my boys really enjoyed those. 

I have used ___ grammar/english programs. My favorite is:

Four so far - Christian Liberty Press, A Beka, Alpha Omega Lifepac, Teach Your Children to Read Well. We will make it five this coming year when Harrison starts using Bob Jones.  I like the AO Lifepacs because they are all-inclusive and the boys could work through them on their own.  I have really enjoyed the Teach Your Children To Read Well books for beginning phonics.  It's similar to the 100 Easy Lessons book, but there's more to it.

I have used ___ history programs. My favorite is:

Four so far - Christian Liberty Press, A Beka, Rod & Staff, and our self-developed program.  This year we will be using Around the World in 180 Days.  I have loved the do-it-yourself program, but the drawback now is that I've got a big age gap between the oldest and youngest, and I wanted something that would make it easier ON ME.  I have started working on planning the lessons with 180 Days, and I think we will like it - I will anyway!

During what months do you homeschool?

It varies.  Our school year usually starts in August and runs through June.  Usually there is some Summer School for the kids to do as well, but a lighter schedule.

Favorite homeschool method?

???? I don't know.  Relaxed.  LOL 

Do you/plan to homeschool all the way through high school?


Have you noticed specific learning styles in each child?

Yes, I have.  I've always been interested in learning styles, so I started reading up on this early in our homeschool adventures.  Some things I've noticed - Harrison likes low light and prefers to have music or some background noise, while Spencer seems to be distracted by any and all noise.  He also tends to work under a fairly bright desk lamp when he can.  Kennady seems to be very visual so far.  Landon likes to DO.

Do you keep specific or general records? Or none, really?

I have the Homeschool Tracker Plus on the computer and I keep fairly specific records on there - school days, time spent, assignments, grades, etc. 

Do you teach Bible, art, journaling, phys. ed.?

Bible - yes.  We do a reading each school day.  We require at least one credit in Bible for the high school years as well.  Art - sort of.  We do some art projects along the way, as they fit into our History and Science lessons.  I also have some art books and DVDs for the kids as they are interested.  Usually our co-op classes have included some art instruction, for which I'm grateful!  Journaling - no.  Phys.Ed - we have a great co-op Phys.Ed. class that meets the credit hour requirements.

Where do you like to shop for homeschool books and resources?

The MACHE curriculum fair, and Christian Book Distributors are the two from which I buy the most. 

What resources have you been itching to try?

I've often been very tempted by The Mystery of History, but I don't see us using that one at this point.  I want to get the Art Elective Lifepac at some point - for Spencer.  I'm considering the Prairie Primer for when Kennady is a little older.

Do you use and/or like to use E-books?

I really haven't used them.  I don't like reading on the computer, so I don't think it would be great for us. 



ReviewsbyHeidi said...

I liked this tag, and enjoyed reading your answers, so I did it on my blog too.



DanielleW said...

Great list/tag/history. My history is so short as I just started. It is great to have such a "veteran" like you to help me along. ;o)

drewsfamilytx said...

I'd never heard of Master Books before... I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!


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