Friday, July 20, 2007

Show & Tell - Dry Places

We need rain.  Badly.  It is very dry here and there is a "burn ban" - I haven't heard whether there are watering restrictions for those on city water, but I do know that it seems like a long time since we've had rain.  Now, we don't do much in the way of lawn and garden care here - we mow the lawn and that's about it.  But our lawn looks horrible!  It is all brown and crunchy.    On Wednesday morning, I took the trash out to the road and was thinking how nasty the grass looks, but I also noticed something I hadn't seen before... in various places on our crusty ugly lawn, there were little flowers - and I don't think I'd seen this kind growing randomly on our lawn before.  Those little tiny pansy-type flowers, and others - yes, we've had those, but this kind was new to me anyway.  So I grabbed my camera to snap a couple pictures.

These hardy little flowers sprouting up in the middle of such a dry place reminded me of God's promises that "Each man will streams of water in the desert..." (Isaiah 32:2); that "the Spirit is poured upon us from on high, and the desert becomes a fertile field..." (Isaiah 32:15).  "'In the desert prepare the way for the LORD, make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God.'" (Isaiah 40:5)  God doesn't leave us alone in the dry times.  He is still listening to our prayers, still working all things for our good when we obey Him, and He can still grow beautiful things in our lives when times are hard.  I have no idea what these flowers are, or whether they are present on our yard all the time and I just haven't noticed them before.  But it was because the ground around them was dry and unproductive that I noticed them this week.  I think that often the work God is doing in our lives becomes noticeable when we go through hard things, and God allows us to go through dry spells and trials so that we can grow, and so that we can see the growth that we would have otherwise missed. 


I'm still praying for rain though.   


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ladyjane said...

Hi Kym~

Thank you for your VERY thought provoking post, and the up-close photos of the lavender flowers for S & T. God is amazing! He alone can cause growth in the dry and hard places of our lives as we submit totally to Him. The flowers in your post are testimony to this very fact. We've had lots of rain here the past couple of day -perhaps I can send some your way? lol.

Thanks again for your encouragement in Christ.


MiryClay said...

We had been very dry too, but were fortunate to get rain for the past few days. I hope rain comes your way soon. The scripture reminder was as refreshing as the site of those lone flowers standing tall and proud, even without the rain.



bubbebobbie said...

I really enjoyed this post.

I hope you get rain soon. we had some on Wednesday it was a nice steady soaking rain. It was a drop in the bucket as to what we need. Butvery thankful for the drop.

Praying yours comes soon.

Because of Jesus, Bobbie

HeartnSoul said...

How very nice! I like the fact that you relate real life to scripture. good post :)


Denise T aka curiouscat on HSB

Canadagirl said...

I really like how God gave you some very valuable insight to share ! It is something I have for sure experienced in my life. And YES God gives us good among the hard times. At first those flowers made me think it was chicory. You might google that and let me know if that is what it is. (0= I hope you get rain REAL soon. But till then enjoy the beauty God has given you.

God Bless my SSiC

in Him<><


jenn4him said...

Oh that is awesome. I have had this same discussion with my DH lately. Why do weeds not need water? So interesting. And these are lovely flowers!


bakerswife said...

Rain is so precious to our earth and all things that grow. I pray that you will have rain soon.



SuzyScribbles said...

What pretty flowers, and to bloom in the drought! Amazing! Our homestead in the Okanogan is on burn-ban all summer and fall! Another big fire went through last week when we were there. No fun. Smoky and some ash falls. But then we got our gully-washer! Praise God! I hope you get rain, too!

canadianladybug said...

see my blog for more details

DanielleW said...

Awesome post!! Great pictures of your hardly little flower.

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