Monday, October 22, 2007

Middle School Monday {Birthday}

LAST Monday was Spencer's birthday, and I failed to get anything posted about it until today.   He dislikes having his picture taken even more than does Harrison, so pictures are very rare.  (Harrison lets me take pictures, but he either refuses to smile or makes a totally goofy face)

Here's the most recent birthday boy - he got the Fantastic 4 movies:

He also hates talking on the phone - or even listening! But he actually picked up quite willingly for the birthday calls from the grandparents this time.

And school... is going well, I guess.  We are struggling to keep up with the schedule I had made up since three mornings each week are cut very short because I have to take DH to physical therapy.  And personally, I am just so tired!!!!  But I think I have enough built-in "catch-up" time to the schedule that we will get ourselves back on track shortly. 


CrossView said...

Happy (late) Birthday! =D

He's a cutie!

And I'm with him on the picture taking and phone talking.... =P

bakerswife said...

Happy belated birthday to you Spencer!

Blessings to you and your family,


HSBCompanyBlog said...

I'm not sure which is worse, a son that doesn't like to have his picture taken or one who keeps jumping into every picture you try to take and takes several pictures of himself when noone is looking. Yes, that would be my son.

Tia Linschied

Senior Editor of HSB

kympossible said...

I have one of each, Tia!!! See the post on Harrison's birthday for verification. LOL



jenn4him said...

I hear you about therapy. Grace goes on Thursday and Friday for occupational and physical therapy. It cuts our day in half. We rush to get our lessons done before, but usually we do something fun after. I am hoping next year she will not need this. But, I am thankful she is getting the help she needs.


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