Friday, October 19, 2007

First Grade Friday - The Theatre

Kennady and I had the opportunity to attend a play yesterday at Toby's Dinner Theatre.  It was a children's play, and during the day - so no dinner.    But that was okay, it made it much more affordable!  The play was Sundiata, The Lion King of Mali, and was very well done.  Here's me and Kennady before the show:

 For some reason she was VERY uncooperative about taking a picture - refused to let me take one at all.  (I should qualify that - I took several pictures, but she always stuck her hand right in front just as it would flash.  LOL  Nice papparazzi avoidance move, but not exactly the effect Mom was hoping for)  But she couldn't outright refuse her friend's mom's request for a picture, so this is what we wound up with.

Obviously we did not snap pictures during the performance, but afterwards, the kids posed on this chair in the lobby that was one of the props.  (Regrettable that J had her eyes closed and tongue out when I took the picture! She was just about the jump off the chair, I think.)

Here's a description of the story:

Book by David Schechter, Music by

Disney’s movie, The Lion King is based, in part, on the epic legend of Sundiata, The
Lion King of Mali. West African storytellers have passed this story down through the
ages. This new musical depicts a hero who in his youth, was unable to walk or speak
but overcame these challenges to become a great leader, known as the “Lion King”. As
the story unfolds, Sundiata realizes that a lion’s mane and a lion’s roar are not what
matters: the most important thing is his inner courage – his “spirit inside.”

We read a storybook telling about Sundiata last year (I think?) and I remember Kennady liking it, but I don't think she remembered it well enough to equate it with this play.  She was able to tell Daddy quite a bit of the story when we got home, and was very impressed by the costumes. 


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