Tuesday, January 22, 2008

International Food Fair at our house?

So yesterday...

Harrison tried to tell me we shouldn't have school today because it was MLK day.  He asked me why we weren't taking the day off, here is my response:

A) it's not technically a "holiday" because it doesn't have direct religious significance the way a "holy day" should.

B) you all had about an entire month off between Thanksgiving and New Years so it's not like you "need" a break.

C) you are personally so behind in everything except Math that you will not be entitled to a break until approximately the 4th of July at the rate you are currently working.

Any more questions?  Silence.  Then he got out his Math.  LOL

He tells me that he worked on every subject yesterday - except Photography.  Wow.  I need to get some things graded, I guess.

So it was a "regular" school day for us.  We spent a big chunk of time in the morning making up menu plans for dinners focusing on various European countries.  So they get school credit for helping me make a menu plan for about the next three weeks!  Hopefully my grocery budget won't be too insane as I buy ingredients and foods that are a bit out of what's ordinary for us.

Last night we had Beef Stroganoff (Russia) and they know that the dish was named for a Count Stroganov.  Do we know who he was or when he lived?  Really they have only the vaguest idea, but for the other dishes we have more background info.  LOL

Tonight we will have Queso Frito, which my Holdays of the World Cookbook for Students assures us is traditional in Spain.  It's Fried Cheese - served at pizza places! LOL  It is a huge favorite of everyone in our family, and we've been saying for a long time that I need to try making it myself.  I borrowed this book from the library, but I think I may try to score a copy of my own - it's pretty interesting!  And I am NOT a cook.

(added this picture of the Queso Frito - it doesn't LOOK nearly as good as it tastes!)

It occurred to me today that it is the end (officially) of first semester.  I have a week or so before the grades are due, but obviously I will have to make sure that my records are up to date so that I can make the report cards!


ApplesofGold said...

We also had school yesterday-for all the same reasons you mentioned.

The international dinners sound delicious and fun! Holly

CrossView said...

LOL @ Harrison! It was worth a shot.... =P

I've thought about the foods for homeschooling but I've never followed through... *sigh* Maybe you've inspired me??!!!

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