Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blogger Friend School Assignment #13 {Meet My Bible}

I'm late getting my assignment up, which is sad because I've had it ready to go since I first read it on Nancy's blog!!! True, my son had surgery on Friday, but I did find time to do plenty of other things online in between babying him on the weekend.   By the way, Nancy is the fill-in hostess for Blogger Friend School.  Visit her blog to find the links to other assignments.


1) How old is your Bible?   I have two Bibles that I use regularly.  One is a Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible (NIV) that my parents gave me when I went away to college.  It's almost 24 years old and does look rather beat up:

The other is an NIV Bible that has Parenting themed articles throughout it.   It must be around 11 years old.  This picture just shows the Bible cover I have it in:

2) Why did you choose this Bible?  The Study Bible was chosen by my parents, but I love it for the many options for word searches, topic searches, parallel passages, and that there are dates in the margins referencing when events took place.  I chose the parenting Bible kind of on a whim - I bought it at a family camp.  I had been thinking perhaps it was time for a new Bible - one without the pages marked up and the binding broken - and thought the parenting articles and ideas sprinkled throughout might be useful.

3) Do you hightlight/mark passages?   I did/do in the Study Bible, but not in the parenting Bible.

4) If so what is your system?  System??? I'm sure I had one when I started, but I have no idea what it was, since I didn't keep to it.  I highlighted many passages that stood out to me, and pencilled notes in the margins

5) Do you have notebooks to record things?   I do have a prayer journal that I started using this year to try and keep better tabs on the prayer requests I want to remember.  But when I write sermon notes, they are usually on scraps on notepaper that I find in my purse or Bible cover that Kennady has not written on both sides.  LOL

My current Bible study book and my prayer journal:

My oh so organized notes:

Note the bulletins and other multi-colored papers spilling out around the edges.  This picture probably reflects my true personality when it comes to organization.  LOL

6) If so how many and what do you record?  No notebooks, just those scraps of notepaper with sermon notes or prayer requests.  I do like Bible study guides that I can write my thoughts in.

7) Where is your favourite spot to read your Bible?  In bed. 


MayTheyBeMightyMen said...

I've been meaning to participate in Blogger Friend School. I think I got lost after the first of the year. Somehow I wasn't getting to the assignments?

Cool entry! I should do this one. :)

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