Sunday, February 10, 2008

Show & Tell (Late!) - {Harrison}

I'm late getting a Show & Tell entry done this week - I was kind of busy on Friday!  We found out on Wednesday that Harrison would need surgery on both eyes, because of problems with his retinas.  Detaching in one eye, and potential for the same to happen in the other eye.  I posted the good news and the bad news on Friday morning before we had to leave.  And an update on how he did in surgery once we got home Friday night.


Yesterday morning we took him to the surgeon for his follow-up appointment.  The surgeon said he was very pleased with the results at this point, his exact words were something like "it's really not possible for him to have done better"  so that was good to hear.  On the flip side though, we are getting a little better sense of just how serious this really was.  Not only was the surgery itself handled in an "emergency" type of hurry, but another thing the surgeon said was that he was "much less worried now than on Wednesday"  I don't like to hear that the doctor was "worried" y'know?    LOL  But all is well now, and we will see the surgeon for the next follow-up on Thursday.  (By the way, I hope I can get the appointment early enough in the morning so that it doesn't interfere with the afternoon co-op class! I will have to work on a back-up plan in case someone else needs to take my class for me! It's a small concern in the bigger scheme of things, but I'd appreciate prayer about it anyway.)  So the remainder of yesterday was spent in the first round of me putting the drops in his eyes four times a day, and bringing him pills, drinks, food, and ice packs.  His eyes are still very swollen - not just the eyelids, but the eyeballs too, which is weird to me.  I am a HUGE wimp when it comes to blood/needles/stitches etc, but other than me feeling ready to faint during most of the time in the recovery after his surgery, I have been just fine.  I guess because it's really UP TO ME to do the drops and change the bandage.  Two things really bothered me when Harrison was in recovery - as he was starting to wake up, he was trying to scratch his eyes; and there were two or three times when the nurses added something to his IV line.  Yeah, the needle was already in (which I had NOT watched!!!!) and this was just adding something to the port; and I didn't even look but the very thought was enough to make me woozy.  And of course, there I was, watching my big boy all pale and hurting and there really wasn't anything I could do to make it better.  That's hard for a mom.  In my mind, he is still my baby; and seeing him that way also reminded me of when he was a newborn and in NICU for awhile.  Same feelings for me.    DH teased me quite a bit about being so squeamish, but the nurse told me that well over half the moms react the same way (or more dramatically) when they see their kid in recovery so I am not that weird after all.


At any rate, he is doing well and so I thought I'd share this for Show & Tell.  Yes, there's a "Show" part to this too - his goofy picture right before going into surgery, modelling his dorky (and much too small, it seems) glasses and the nice floofy hat he had to wear to make sure his 1/8 inch long hair didn't get in the way of the surgeon.


And I took a picture in recovery too - before I started feeling lightheaded.  I thought Harrison might want to see later what he looked like:


If you check back later on, or for next week's Show & Tell, I will likely have a picture of him in his silly glasses, the kind of have the springy eyes that bounce attached to the front.  He insisted that I get him a pair of those because he wants to wear them for youth on Wednesday night.    It was a small request and I was happy to comply, especially since I could acquire said silly spectacles at the dollar store.  Nothing but the best for my kids. LOL


Head over to CanadaGirl's wonderful blog for more Show & Tell fun!!


drewsfamilytx said...

I'm SO glad that Harrison's surgery went well! I think I would just lose it in recovery-- or at least get a bit weepy and reflective!

Praying for a speedy recovery and complete healing!



MayTheyBeMightyMen said...

I'm glad it went well.

As to the squeamish thing, you are not alone! ;')

hsmomof2 said...

Wow, what a story. Sounds like your boy has a good attitude - crazy glasses and all. Thanks for stopping by my place - it's been a few days now, just getting caught up... I certainly didn't mind you stopping by and commenting; I will look for that book (Why Men Hate Going to Church)

bubbebobbie said...

because at that moment for every mom, that man is your baby.

I do hope all went well and both eyes will heal quickly and perhaps well enough that his glasses are not needed.

Know that because he has already experienced all there is to experience with this eye, the next will seem a little scarier, since he now knows what "there will be a little discomfort" actually means!

Have a blessed weekend.

Because of Jesus, Bobbie

CrossView said...

Call me squeamish, too! =/

It always hurts a mother's heart to see our children looking so vulnerable. It hurts MY heart to see your son in the hospital bed. =(

I'm so glad it's done!

MOMflippedisWOW said...

I'm so glad that Harrison is doing well!

Blessings to you all.


blessedwith2angels said...

I'm glad that all went well with the surgery. Praying for a quick recovery!


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