Friday, March 28, 2008

Show & Tell {How I Spent Easter Sunday}

Other than going to church in the morning, I mean.  Actually we had an excellent service - we had a combination of worship music and readings, so there was plenty of participation opportunity for the congregation.  My DH was one of the readers and I was on the worship team. 

We got home about noon and the kids made their favorite springtime treat, Resurrection Rolls, so we could have them with our lunch. 

(Good grief, look how messy the counter is!!! )  Ready to go in the oven:

And I realized I never took a picture of them when they were done!  The kids scarfed them up too fast, I guess.  LOL  I noticed several bloggers shared the recipe for the cookies last week, the ones with nuts and you leave them in the oven overnight etc...  well I have never made those for two main reasons: 

1.  my kids do not like nuts; and 2.  I'm too lazy!  LOL  But we have been making these very simple Resurrection Rolls for years now and it's good enough for us.  

Resurrection Rolls

1 tube refrigerated crescent rolls

large marshmallows

melted butter

cinnamon sugar or colored sugar

Wrap one marshmallow in each crescent roll triangle - do your best to seal up the edges!  Brush melted butter on top, then sprinkle with cinnamon sugar or whatever you like.  Bake according to crescent roll instructions.  When you take them out of the oven, the marshmallow will have melted and you have a sweet roll that is empty inside, just like the tomb!!!

After lunch we had a little bit of time to relax before we headed out to Hershey, PA.  When we got there, we first went to the Hershey's Chocolate World for the (still completely FREE!) tour!  We stocked up on some chocolate treats in the shop, and then headed over the Giant Center to pick up our hockey tickets.  We know a player on the team - he's the son of some good friends of ours from back in our Calgary days.  DH sometimes takes the kids to Hershey Bears games, so when we found out he was playing there, we got in touch with him.  He was willing to get us tickets for a game, since it would give him a chance to use the "friends and family" tickets allotted to players.  So we had awesome seats for the game.  (Stats on our friend, who also just signed a deal with the Washington Capitals


Before the anthem:

End of the game:

I noticed that up on the second tier our friend has his own little fan section!!  (his last name is Beagle and if you can't make it out in the picture, the banner says "Beagle's Dog Pound" LOL  He was pretty amused by that.  And apparently the t-shirt just became available in the fan shop the previous week)

Kennady took this picture of the Bears mascot, Coco.  We still are unsure whether Coco is a boy or a girl bear, but we have been told that the person inside the costume is a girl. Who knew?!

Kennady used her Easter money to get herself a CocoBear to take home.  Later our friend autographed it for her.

After the game we went out for dinner with our friend and finally got home around 11pm.  A long day, and a kind of different way to spend an Easter Sunday afternoon and evening, but we had a great time!!

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blessedwith2angels said...

That looks like a wonderful day spent with your family. I would love to go visit the Hershey's World--yum, chocolate!


CrossView said...

This post just fills me with envy...

I want to see a hockey game in real life!

And I want to visit Hershey's!

I love the resurrection rolls recipe! The others I'd seen looked great but were too time intensive for me.

jacstew said...

We love to make resurrection rolls too and they never last here long enough to take a pic! tee hee

It looks like you had a great time!

take care

drewsfamilytx said...

I've made resurrection cookies before and they were GROSS. Your rolls sound much tastier! I'll have to remember that for next year. :-)

jenn4him said...

Looks like a fun day to me. We used to have season hockey tickets, before kids. Your pictures made me wish for a game! Have a great weekend.


HomeForHeavensSake said...

Your countertops look a LOT like mine. How do they manage to get so messy? I have never been able to figure that part out. *wink*


kewkew said...

What a fun day!
We love the Resurrection Rolls too, though ours do always tend to leak. I HAVE tried the Easter Cookies, but I can never get them to turn out right, so I sort of gave up.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing with Throwback Thursday Blog-Style. Have a great weekend.

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