Friday, May 2, 2008

Show & Tell {Co-op Fiesta}

It's time for Show & Tell Friday, hosted by Mary aka CanadaGirl - head over to her blog to participate and to see what others are sharing today.


Our spring co-op classes ended a couple weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to load up my pictures to share.  Our homeschool association has a co-op class opportunity for 12 weeks in the spring.  This year Landon and Kennady participated.  Their classes were Art, Science, and Spanish. 


The second last week of co-op, the kids that were in Spanish classes had a little "fiesta" Show & Tell.  Each of the children was to bring something to "show and tell" about a Spanish-speaking country.   We found that the previous week, we had to give them a list of countries to choose from other than Mexico! LOL  The teacher was hoping that the kids would be able to connect with someone who was a native of one of those countries, or had lived there.  The kids (well, actually, the mothers) brought a food item to share from that country as well.


Landon and Kennady chose the Central American country of Honduras, because a young lady we know from church (Danielle) is currently teaching there, and also because Harrison and I are planning on going on a missions trip to Honduras in the summer.  We were able to borrow some things from Danielle's family for them to show in class.  Here is Kennady giving her little presentation:

We got her class to pose for a group picture.  Kennady is in the front row, on the left.

Here's Landon giving his presentation (love his hair.  LOL  I don't think he was happy that I was taking his picture):


He is showing a photo album covered in cloth woven by the Lenca people of Honduras.  We showed all of this:


Our friends also loaned us this clay pot that they brought back from Honduras.  It's kind of like a fondue pot - you put a candle or heat source in the bottom to keep the food warm.  They said this is served as appetizer in many Honduran restaurants, the same way Red Lobster gives biscuits.  It is just refried black beans, and cheese, with tortilla chips. 

We even used beans that came from Honduras! 

(I don't think the picture on the package looks very appetizing, do you?   But it was SO good.  Kennady practically licked the bowl.  LOL)

Here's a plate full of a sampling of the foods brought by all the co-op participants:


What a delicious co-op class!!!


short said...

everything looks absolutely wonderful. You are right, what a great co-op and very educational!

SuzyScribbles said...

Hey, nice banana. :-)

My DS would have taken that and rejected the rest. Our 2 weeks in costa rica would have been better if DS had eaten the food he was given (which, like your fare, was delicious!)

Don't you just love co-ops? Can you imagine doing all of this just for your own homeschool? I'm teaching my writing workshop at a homeschool co-op next fall. 12 weeks. I can't wait! It's been so long since I've done a co-op that I'm excited!

cricket said...

We do a similar thing with a Cultural Fair. I loved the pictures!

Be blessed!

Terri Sue

Canadagirl said...

Ohhhhh this is making me HUNGRY !!! I LOVE love love this type of food. You all look like you did a GOOD JOB. It looks like it was a FUN time. ((hee he on the hair))

Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

In Him<><


jacstew said...

Ooooo it all sounds very yum! I bet the kids really like your co-op. Ours do to, there's just some things that are more fun in a group.


bubbebobbie said...

I love geographical co-ops!

This looks like it was a delicious one!

Because of Jesus, Bobbie

Haflingerhorses said...

What a great opportunity for your kids. I've never been in a co-op but it does look like fun!


MayTheyBeMightyMen said...

What fun!

The co-op that we were part of this last year will be doing a whole year on countries next time. I don't think we're returning, since the drive and time was killing us this year. I love what you show here. I bet the co-op does really neat things like this next year. I think I'll miss it. :'(

bethanyrae said...

What a cool bunch of stuff to do. My daughter did a missions trip to Honduras a couple of summers ago. She said she could go back and live there. It was up in the mountains somewhere, and they had to bathe in the stream.

(She did come back with a "latent" TB infection. Not contagious, but being treated, so maybe you should be tested afterwards? We just discovered it, so she's fine, and we are, too.)


floridasunsets said...

My favorite part of Geography has always been the food!! Lol!


LindaI said...

I cannot believe Kennady is doing her own presentations! That is awesome!!!

And those are some really expensive refried beans! :)

blessedwith2angels said...

That looks like it was lots of fun. What a great cultural experience. The food looks yummy too. : )


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