Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Craft Breakfast

Last Friday I took Landon and Kennady to an annual event that our homeschool fellowship puts on - the Christmas Craft Breakfast.  I don't know how many years they've been doing this event, but I've been lucky enough to be able to participate several years, and it is something we look forward to with great anticipation.  Over the years my kids have made jarred mixes for cookies, hot chocolate, and pancakes; many kinds of Christmas decorations; toys; and woodworking/carpentry projects.  The wood projects are a very popular craft, and the lap desks, shelves, and step-stools etc that my boys have made are pretty impressive!

I've been asked about details for this event several times, so I'll try to explain a little bit.  I've never been directly involved in the planning though, so this is pretty general.  The first Friday in December is reserved for the event, and early in the school year all our members are reminded to save the date and that details will be coming.  About a month in advance, registration is opened.  We need to phone the organizer and register our family for the event, stating how many of us will be attending the breakfast.  The cost per family for the event has been $5 or $6.  After registering to attend, we need to contact the indivual crafters to sign up for the crafts our children want to do.  Typically there are around 20 different crafts offered - mostly by moms in the fellowship, sometimes the dads or older siblings as well - and our newsletter contains a listing of each craft offered, age restrictions and cost for each, how much time the craft will take, and how many students total can sign up for it.  Now the event itself - the last few years it has been held at a local church with a large multi-purpose room and kitchen.  We start at 9am with breakfast - volunteers bring the "official" dish of the breakfast, an egg and sausage (or bacon) casserole, and each family brings either muffins/donuts/pastries or fresh fruit to share, and their own drinks.  After breakfast, the children go with some of the parent volunteers into another room to sing carols and usually work on some kind of charitable project (last year they made cards and put together care packages for servicemen) while the rest of us clear away breakfast and rearrange the tables and get the craft stations set up.  Each child can sign up for up to three crafts, and the cost for each is paid directly to the instructor.

This year, Kennady made a holiday swag of fresh greens, a set of poinsettia napkin rings, and a screen-printed apron.


Landon made a mix for snickerdoodle cappucino, a mix for Christmas sugar cookies, and an LLBean styled coat rack shelf.

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kewkew said...

This sounds like such a wonderful event. I have never heard of such a thing before. I just love the projects your children made.
Thanks for sharing with Throwback Thursday Blog-Style and being a faithful participant. I just wanted to let you know that Throwback Thursday will be taking a break for Christmas, but we will be back the next week in the new year!
Wishing you are your family a very blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year!

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