Monday, March 28, 2011

Bible Geography

Question: where is Mt Sinai? If you've ever looked at the maps in the appendix of your Bible, you probably said it's on the Sinai peninsula in Egypt. Where did the Hebrews cross the Red Sea during the Exodus? If you checked those same maps, you might have said at the northwest corner of the Sinai peninsula, at a place called the "Sea of Reeds" How about Ararat - do you know where that is? Your answer was probably that it's in Turkey. But the truths may not be quite so simple. Do you know what evidence there is that Mt Sinai is located in the Sinai peninsula? Well... apparently, not much. Not only is there a stunning lack of archeological evidence, it doesn't even fit the descriptions given in the Bible. The "Sea of Reeds" doesn't fit the descriptions for the Red Sea crossing, nor do those routes and locations really make sense. And Ararat - where Noah's ark came to rest after the flood... well, there IS a Mt Ararat in Turkey, but despite extensive searches by numerous archeological teams, no definitive evidence of a huge ship has been found there either. Some skeptics draw the conclusions that if there is no evidence, then the events did not happen the way the Bible says they did. But... what if it's simply not the right location? This is the question posed by Bob Cornuke in some of the books I've read recently, and he and his colleagues have had the privilege of hunting down evidence and considering the possibility of locations other than the 'traditional' ones that have been assumed for so many years.

Our adult Sunday School class recently finished a series of lessons about the Exodus, and during the study, our friend mentioned a DVD she owned that showed evidence that Mt Sinai was really located in Saudi Arabia. She loaned the DVD to us, then the books, and this past week our Sunday School class viewed the DVD to wrap up our study of Exodus. We were struck by the video and photographs of the geological features at the Arabian site and how well they conformed with what the Bible says happened at Mt Sinai.

I know I've already 'reviewed' the DVD "Mountain of Fire" and two of Cornuke's books (In Search of the Lost Mountains of Noah and In Search of the Mountain of God) but wanted to mention and recommend these resources again.


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