Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's Talk Curriculum 2011-2012 (Part Two)

Part One listed what Spencer will be doing for high school this year.

Here is what the younger kids will be doing:

Landon - Grade 7

Alpha Omega Lifepacs Language Arts 7 - sticking with what works! (Additional resources: Research in Increments, Caution: Writing in This Book Might Be Fun)

Saxon Math 8/7 - he got about a third of the way through this book last year so he will finish this year, and then probably go on to Algebra 1/2, possibly Algebra 1.

Alpha Omega Lifepacs Bible 7 - I found a good deal on most of the set at a curriculum fair, so I purchased the couple of workbooks missing from that set.  This is the first year we've used Lifepacs for subjects other than Language Arts.

Kennady - Grade 5

Alpha Omega Lifepacs Language Arts 7 -  (Additional resources: Research in Increments, Caution: Writing in This Book Might Be Fun)

Modern Curriculum Press Math D and E - I've allowed Kennady to move more slowly in Math because she had trouble getting some concepts in earlier grades.  She did all of level C and at least half of level D last year, so she is close to catching up to grade level.  For whatever it's worth.  So I am hoping that as long as we don't run into any new problems, she will finish E in her fifth grade year and we'll be right on track.

Home Economics for Homeschoolers, Level 3 - we used the Level 2 book for Home Ec last year, and Kennady really enjoyed it.  She likes cooking, baking, and sewing, so these lessons are fun ways for her to earn grades!  And maybe she'll take over meal planning and preparation in general someday soon - I wouldn't be opposed to giving up that duty!

Landon and Kennady together

Around the World in 180 Days/Geography Through Art (social studies and art) - we started with these two books last year and covered Africa, Australia/Oceania, and Asia. This year we will study Europe, South America, and North America  (mentioned both these books in my review of History/Social Studies resources)

God's Design for Chemistry and Ecology: Properties of Ecosystems and Exploring the World Around You - we have used most of the God's Design series of books for science and really enjoyed them.  Last year we covered the first two books in the Chemistry and Ecology set.  Now we are going to finish up with the Ecosystems book, followed by a related book on ecosystems and habitats.

A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers - a study of famous composers and their music.


I haven't given this a lot of thought yet.  I don't think we'll need to change our general schedule much, other than switching our gym class day from Friday to Tuesday.  Tuesday morning will be Spencer's chemistry lab as well, so I will need to work out a few details with transportation.  The others in that class will all be at gym as well, so probably Spencer will get a ride to gym in the afternoon with someone else and I will meet up with him there.  In general, we have tried to start school around 8:30am, and I work on Science or Social Studies with Landon and Kennady first, then they are on their own for their other subjects the rest of the day.  Since we are adding the Music class this year, I may have to tweak that just a little.  I would also like to get into a weekly routine of giving Kennady a piano lesson.

Curious what others are planning for the coming year?  Join us at: Training Children Up for Christ


Giggly Girls said...

Where did you buy the home ec book? I'm interested. =o)

kympossible said...

I bought it from Schoolhouse Publishing. Here is a super-long link that should take you there:

This Blog Needs A Title… » Blog Archive » Homeschool Mother’s Journal: In Which I Get Some Focus said...

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Rodna said...

We have used The Home Economics from Pearables too!

I am now following you. Thanks for linking up with me. This has been great fun!

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