Friday, August 5, 2011

Blast from the Past - Blushing Bride

I found a Friday meme that I will try to participate in regularly - Blast from the Past at Debbie's Digest.  The idea is to share one or more pictures from the past.  The distant past or just last week.  Since this week we celebrated our wedding anniversary, I thought I would share a 24-year-old picture of myself as a bride for the first Blast from the Past.  This picture was a snapshot taken by a friend, and without special lighting you can really see the huge shadow behind my head! LOL  My mom sewed my wedding gown and this picture shows it off quite nicely, even if you can't see the details.  It also shows that I was a lot slimmer back in the day.  ;-)  When we went to the photographer's studio for portraits (the photographer was 90 years old if he was a day! no joke!), he kept telling me and the bridesmaids to hold our bouquets a little lower to "show off the curves!"   You can't see the curves but you can see me and my groom here.


This post is linked to Debbie's Digest where you can see other Blasts from the Past, and join us!


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