Saturday, August 6, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal: In Which We Are Ready!

In our homeschool this week... Everything is in the Homeschool Tracker!!! All the assignments lists and lesson plans ready to go!!  Spencer's Chemistry lesson plans didn't go into the grid yet, because I will wait for a decision on when his lab class schedule will be so I can adjust his assignment due dates to that.  And I don't put assignments for Social Studies into the Tracker ahead of time, just log them in as we work through it.  At least that's how I do it with the curriculum we are using at present.

I even have the impression that my kids are at least a little excited about getting started.  To a point.  Let's not get all crazy.

Not only that, but we cleaned out the school bookshelf and restocked it with things we'll plan on using this year.  I made sure to take a picture because we will probably not see it looking this neat and organized until this time next year...

Remember this moment! An organized bookshelf!

In other news... DH and I celebrated our 24th anniversary on Monday with dinner out (just the two of us! That really doesn't happen all that often) and a trip to Lowe's.  Is it odd that a large percentage of our date nights seem to include a stop at either Lowe's or a grocery store?

We noticed that the power steering on the van didn't feel quite right so I took it back to the shop that repaired it about a month ago.  And something isn't right.  Unfortunately (??), it's not the SAME thing that was already repaired, so I guess that means I will have to pay for a whole new repair job.  Plus, a part had to be ordered which will not be here till Monday so we have a temporary fix right now so we can use it locally this weekend.  So Harrison will have to take the truck to work.  Not my favorite plan, nor his, but we do what we need to do.

So after picking up the van on Friday, Kennady and I had some errands to run.  First, we picked up my new sunglasses.  I love them.  But it will take some getting used to, or I will be falling up stairs, I can tell.  LOL  The regular glasses will be ready sometime next week - I am hoping for Monday.  So I can get an eyeglass chain.  8-D

Next stop was the Piercing Pagoda to get Kennady's ears pierced! She made her decision and finally got brave enough to spend some birthday money on the earrings.  She chose a little flower with her birthstone, and she is quite pleased with herself.  Now granted, it was a very long time ago that I first got my ears pierced, but I was a little jealous at how many options there are for piercing studs nowadays!  Back in olden times when I got mine done, you had a choice of gold studs. Or then again, you could have gold studs. And if you didn't like those, you could try the gold studs.

first "staple"

other side...
Note that she is still smiling...

I also stopped at the fabric store to get a couple swatches so I can choose something to reupholster my dining room chairs.  Now all I need is a coupon or a sale to make that fabric a bit more affordable.

My favorite thing this week was... Celebrating our anniversary!  And a fantastic quirk of fortuitous timing -- while at Olive Garden, I had my favorite soup, the Chicken & Gnocchi, and we commented that I should find a copycat recipe so I could make it at home.  Then yesterday a fellow homeschooling blogger shared the recipe!   (hat tip to For Such a Time is This for sharing that recipe!)

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have... I want to rename this blog and I need ideas!!!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share...
"If you can't explain it to a 6yr old then you don't understand it yourself!" - Albert Einstein

On the Bookshelf...

  • Deep Church by Jim Belcher

  • This Time Together by Carol Burnett

  • Mr Darcy's Little Sister by C. Allyn Pierson

Finished Mine Is The Night by Liz Curtis Higgs and The Bell Messenger by Bob Cornuke

A Parting Shot... This lampshade was our big anniversary splurge at Lowe's!

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StephF said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! And congrats to Kennady on getting her ears pierced!!

Oh, and our date nights usually end with a quick trip to the grocery as well! ;-)

Jennifer Sikora said...

So glad that you liked my soup recipe! Be sure and subscribe to my feed because I am working on my first E-Book full of great copy cat recipes and then I have a couple more E-Books in the works.Thinking I might offer them for free to my email subscribers :)


For Such a Time as This,


Giggly Girls said...

I chose the gold studs over the gold studs, myself. LOL

She looks adorable! And yay for being ready. When are you starting? I probably should already know that answer. LOL

kympossible said...

We start on the 15th with some subjects and will have everything going by the end of August.

Victoria said...

Your daughter did great. I can still remember the pain of having my ears pierced! And, my hubby & I often end up at a Home-Improvement or grocery store on our dates - we have a TON of fun!!! I think we end up acting goofier than our kids:)

Happy Anniversary!

Catherine said...

Those are pretty! I had the gold stud only option, too. And thye had to stay in for six weeks! She looks great!

Happy Anniversary! (cool lamp!)

Sorry about your car.. that stinks.. but I love that you're ready for school!

Laura O in AK said...

I am sooo behind on planning this summer. Too busy blogging ;o)

Love the lampshade as it would fit our Alaskan log home quite well. Congratulations on 24 years of marriage. We celebrate 16 years tomorrow. We'll be in a RV with my parents on the road to Denali.

Now I'm wondering if I should bring the laptop to work in HST+...then again, cramped quarters could spell disaster.

Penny @Knee Deep in Grace said...

Let me tell you olden days... There might have been a specialty boutique, every 200 miles or so, that did ear piercing, but then again, probably NOT. My bf and I did mine. Ice cubes, clothes pins, small sterilized sewing needle and prayer. Not lopsided and never infected, but don't ask me how. lol We had thin wires that we would wear for a few weeks, playing with them and stretching the new hole so earrings would eventually fit. Ahhh, the memories. =D Kennady's earrings are lovely.



Mary said...

I am so jealous that you are done with your plans! I am still entering things in to the Homeschool Tracker. I have less than two weeks to meet my deadline! Have a great school year!

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