Monday, August 29, 2011

New to the Crew

This is not only my first time on the TOS Review Crew, but the first time I've participated in a Blog Hop. I'm excited about being on the Crew, and I'm already working on three reviews! I guess I should introduce myself to readers who haven't visited here before -

  • I'm now in my 14th year of homeschooling my kids! Every year I find new reasons why I'm so glad we homeschool!

  • My oldest son, Harrison, graduated from our homeschool in 2010, and last year attended the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland.  He graduated from BIM this year.

  • Our other students are Spencer (Grade 11), Landon (Grade 7), and Kennady (Grade 5)  I've listed the curricula we are using this year on a separate page - you can find it here.

  • I think we'd be classified as "eclectic" homeschoolers - we use curriculum from several different publishers and I adjust, add, subtract, and supplement all kinds of things along the way.

  • I'm a part of a wonderful local homeschool oversight group, and do peer reviews for several homeschool families.

  • I'm also involved in a local Christian fellowship group for homeschoolers.

  • I love to read!  Kym's Bookcase is where I write about books as I finish reading them.  Sort of reviews, but since the books I write about there are the ones I choose to read, it's seldom that I give a really critical review.  Because if I don't like it, I won't finish reading it.

  • I recently started keeping a second blog here - Just A Second - because I thought that it might be fun to have another 'home' for things I share that aren't necessarily related to homeschooling.

  • My husband and I are from Canada, and our oldest son was born in Canada as well.  We have been living in the US for about 18 years now, and received our US citizenship several years ago.  We still love the Great White North, Tim Horton's, and hockey!

  • I love coffee!  (and cheese.  and bacon.  and barbecue.  and Coca-Cola. Not necessarily in that order...  but I really do not love to cook.)


    Jennifer said...

    Welcome to the crew! Thanks for joining the blog hop. 14 years, yeah! I need to look around here and learn from you.

    Loretta said...

    I'm one of Kym's real life friends from her homeschool fellowship group, and I learned something new about Kym by reading her blog.

    Kym, I knew you were from Canada, but I didn't know you had received U. S. citizenship. Now that I know, let me offer a very belated welcome to the U.S. ;-)

    Seriously - I'm glad to know you; you're a blessing in my life.

    Jacob15 said...

    Hi, I am happy to be in my first blog hop :)

    Rebecca said...

    Dropping by from the crew hop...and I too, love your same loves! Sitting here, now...with coffee in hand! Wow, 14 years...I have so much to learn and am sure you can teach me a lot!!!! Can't wait to read more!

    Athena said...

    I'm following you from the TOS crew blog hop-I'm a newbie too, after 14 years of homeschooling as well!!:)

    MissMOE said...

    Nice to meet you! I hopped on over from the TOS blog hop and am a new follower. I love to find blog that feature older kids. My oldest just graduated and is headed to college. Can't wait to read some more from your blog.

    Angela said...

    It was fun reading all you fun facts, welcome to the crew-you will LOVE it!


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