Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome to Year 14!

Yesterday was Day One of our fourteenth year of homeschool! I decided that this year we would start in August with a few subjects, adding the remaining subjects one at a time until we are in full gear. That is supposed to happen the week of August 29th if all goes well.

Kennady enthusiastically tackled her Home Ec projects in the morning. We reviewed the lessons from last year's book that talked about cleaning and organizing, and her project is to clean her room. Boy howdy, it needs it too. But so does mine, so I haven't much room for criticism! She has also worked on Math and Language Arts. She has the last third of her Grade 4 Math book to work on, and is doing some Language Arts review and refreshers before starting the Grade 5 curriculum.

Landon wouldn't pose for the picture, so I had to improvise.

Apparently, Grade 6 is the final year that a kid will pose for the First Day of School picture. I think I took it much too easy on Landon... All I assigned to him for independent study this week was his Bible Lifepac, and he finished the first lesson yesterday. Already. Hmmm. I thought I'd better give him something else to keep him busy, so I handed over the Caution: Writing in this Book Might be Fun workbook and told him he could work on that as well. And I reminded him that if he wants to, he can certainly get started on his Math and Language Arts - just because I didn't put it on the first week's assignment list doesn't mean he can't work on it!

We will do a bit of geography and history the remainder of the week as well, but won't start Science or Music just yet. I am still working out a few details for the Music study, but Science should be ready to go.

Spencer has never willingly posed for pictures.

Spencer is starting off with Geometry and English, and he also finished almost all of the first week's assignments already. He has some technical drawing projects he can work on, so I think he has enough to keep him busy. And there's nothing wrong with working ahead either!

My goals for this first week are to get a feel for how our schedule will work, ease into the books, and establish some good school year habits.


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