Friday, August 12, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal: In Which I Make New (School)YearResolutions

In our homeschool this week... Spencer finished up the last of his Science and Math!! We are ready to go for Monday, and even took a field trip on Thursday that got me wondering what other cool field trips we'll be able to include in the coming year.

The field trip was actually more for Harrison's benefit, and it was a VIP tour I won in a charity auction. We toured the NBC affiliate studios in Baltimore. We also stopped at BIM afterwards to say hello, and I think Harrison got a lead on a possible job while there. I hope so.

Kennady started using BigIQKids to brush up on her math and spelling skills.  She's having a good time with it - except when she has trouble with the math questions... Hellooooo. That's why you need to work on your math facts!!  Anyway, more about that in a future post, since we are reviewing it for the TOS Crew!
Homeschool Resolutions: Stick to the schedule. Stay organized. Include piano lessons. Read aloud. Go on field trips.  Teach Math facts - again.

In other news... On Monday the van was repaired and I also got to pick up my new glasses. I have to say - as much as I'd looked forward to having the, so far... I am not a fan.  I'm undecided as to whether that is because they are somehow unsuitable or if I am just a slowpoke at getting used to them.  The sunglasses are fine and I love them.  It's the regular glasses that are causing my frustration.  I feel like I'm in a funhouse or something, and sadly, my nighttime driving problem with having auras around lights and anything reflective is not solved by the glasses.  So I think I'll be calling for a follow-up appointment with the eye doctor, and hopefully they can determine whether I'm just an extremely slow learner or whether something in the prescription or the lenses themselves needs to be adjusted to make me happier.

We got busy with some fall cleaning projects.  Our kitchen counters needed recaulking around the backsplash, so we worked on that.  It's almost all done.  We got some decluttering done, and that is ongoing project.  With no end in sight.  During a power outage a month ago, our cordless phone was fried so I finally bought a new one and am trying to figure it out.

DH found a way to hang up our extra hummingbird feeder... Canadian redneck style!

The hummingbirds are actually bolder than you might expect, and they are feisty! VERY territorial.  It's a challenge for me to get pictures, but I managed a couple this week.

Other Resolutions:  Figure out my glasses.  Continue cleaning and simplifying.  Live within our budget.  Bake my own bread at least once a week.  Take more walks.

My favorite thing this week was... the studio tour day.

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"The purpose of education isn't to train for a technical skill, it's to develop the whole person. The more fully a person meets his potential, the better his work will be, no matter what that work is." ~Charlotte Mason

On the Bookshelf...

  • Deep Church by Jim Belcher

  • Persuasion by Jane Austen

  • Surrender the Dawn by ML Tyndall

Finished Mr Darcy's Little Sister by C Allyn Pierson, Surrender the Night by ML Tyndall, and This Time Together by Carol Burnett.
Bookish Resolutions: Read more. LOL

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Julie said...

We LOVE hummingbirds. We have one that just guards it. I'm sure he drinks out of it, but I rarely see him do so. He just sits there so he can chase off the other and make chittering noises at them. I wanted to get a bunch of hummingbird bushes, but not sure if I wouldn't get dive-bombed every day! LOL!

Debbie said...

I am your newest follower. Previously from the Crew, had to quit just yesterday. I am going through my followers and making sure I am following them. Sounds like you had a great week and I hope your hubby gets the job he is looking for. Is he currently out of work or just looking elsewhere? My hubby has been out of work for 17 mos. I need new glasses. It is one of the things that should be on my to-do list but isn't yet. Well have a great week. I will try and leave you comments since I like to get them.

Loretta said...

Love the hummingbird pictures . . . and the Charlotte Mason quote. Have a great school year!

kympossible said...

Hi Debbie - thanks for following! I'm sorry you're leaving the Crew. It's actually my oldest DS that is looking for a job - he has a weekend job in his industry (on-air radio) but needs something that's actually profitable! LOL

Mozi Esmes Mom said...

Love the news desk photo - what a neat opportunity! Also love that Canadian redneck bird feeder hanger - innovation is awesome... :)

Giggly Girls said...

You came up with a name!! Love it! And you changed the background too. For a second I had no idea where I was. LOL

I'm totally jealous of the hummingbirds shots. Awesome!

Laurie said...

I like the name you came up with for your blog. Good job getting pictures of those fast hummingbirds!

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