Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The coffee is still on

Please pardon the chaos while I am moving things around here.  I'd never miss my coffee break, but I do need to change my location, so my "teacher's lounge" is being relocated here to Blogger.  New posts will be appearing here, and I will be migrating the older posts from my previous blog home over the next little while.  I was hoping to do it all this week, but I made that plan before I realized that my computer would not cooperate.  With any luck, it will be mended and home from the computer hospital within a few days.  Kym's Bookcase and Just A Second will be staying where they are for awhile longer, and I will try to update them occasionally!


Giggly Girls said...

I can't wait to hear how you move your old posts. I want to do that with my old HSB blog but I'm too lazy to figure out how. Now you can do the dirty work and I'll reap the benefits. Bwww haaa haaa!

LindaI said...

ooh I like your font! I need to change mine!

Welcome to blogger, I like it here. :) Maybe I can keep up with your blog better here. :)

LindaI said...

you know what I think you should do??? the same thing I did with mine today... change your setting so we dont have to do the word box... I hate that thing... lol you know the security code words. ... just suggesting. ha ha

Kympossible said...

I didn't realize the word box was on here. I think I got rid of that now, so thanks for mentioning it! What I'd really like to figure out now is if the "migrated" GFC is working right. Still working on that.

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