Saturday, December 17, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal: In Which We Prepare for the Holidays

In our homeschool this week... The goal this week was to get everything caught up so we could go on a Christmas vacation with clear consciences and without a pile of overdue assignments waiting for us when we get home.  As far as I can tell now (before doing the grading), we've succeeded, with the possible exception of some drawings that Spencer might need to do for Art.  That is something that is easy to take along though.

Kennady and Landon finished the current Science unit on extreme biomes - we studied oases, mountains, chaparral, and caves this week! We covered a lot of ground.

I had hoped to get a little further with Social Studies, but was satisfied with what we accomplished.  We studied the Middle Ages and they sketched a castle and a hawk's head (because hunting with hawks or falcons was a popular pastime during that period).  They also sketched coats of arms - we didn't follow any of the rules of heraldry, just drew designs that we thought looked interesting.

Our composer study continued with an overview of the Romantic era, and the first part of our study of Tchaikovsky.

In other news... this week was a bit more relaxed in that we had relatively few places to go and errands to run.  The final performance of the kids Christmas play at church was on Sunday night.

We finished our Christmas shopping, with just a few exceptions.  DH took another vacation day on Friday, so he and I spent the day shopping and we met with some old friends to do a little holiday visiting.  Today we are doing our best to do the last minute tidying up and preparation for our vacation.

My favorite thing this week was... Christmas music of all kinds.

What's working/not working for us... after some more trial and error, we think/hope that we have the computer issues solved.   Sadly, I've come to the conclusion that HSB may not be working for me, so I am planning on migrating my blogs after Christmas.

Questions/thoughts I have... How will I get everything done that week between Christmas and New Years?!?!  I have a LOT on the agenda for that time period.  Hopefully it will go smoothly...

A photo, video, link, or quote to share...


This made me smile!

On the Bookshelf...

  • Already Compromised by Greg Hall and Ken Ham with Britt Beemer

  • Merlin by Stephen R. Lawhead

  • Beethoven: His Life & Times by Jeremy Siepmann

  • Educating the Whole Hearted Child by Clay Clarkson with Sally Clarkson

I am still behind with my posts on Kym's Bookcase! That's something that will need to wait until after the holidays.

A Parting Shot...

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JoAnn said...

Sounds like a good week. Love the photos from your church's Christmas play. :)

Laura Lane said...

Hi, visiting from the crew.

I have been so busy with church activities and Joplin relief efforts, I find I won't finish all I need to for school let alone get all my Christmas decorations put up. Oh well, we have the tree, poinsettias, and a few other things. School? Well, it will just have to wait until next year! ~wink~

Prnsstefy said...

I want to read Educating the Whole Hearted Child. How are you liking it?

I'm not going to be posting anymore until After Christmas either. Too much wrapping and backing in my future.

kympossible said...

It is a big book, but so far an easy read. I've been reading it a little at a time, there's so much in there!!

Mary said...

The play looks so sweet!

homeschoolChris said...

I am going to be exploring different ways to help children learn about our world. I think that as home school orientated we tend to rely on text books a lot and there are many diverse ways to get our children involved in experiencing different cultures and gathering information. I am delighted that Christmas is here! I love the music and the trees and the attitudes of people out on the street. They may be having a hard time this year but the spirit is still with them! May you have a blessed year!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a great week! Your children's work is really impressive! I love the photos from the play! Priceless! :-) the "K" ornament struck me right away. My daughter just got an identical one from my aunt to put on our tree. :-)

Many blessings,

Beth said...

Kim, we're in the same boat. Nothing like trying to homeschool, prepare for Christmas, and move a blog. When I'm done with that I think I'll do something easy like cure cancer or bring world peace.

Julieanne Miller said...

I loved seeing the drawings and the Design Your Own Coat of Arms! Fun!

Merry Christmas!


Beth said...

I'm in the same boat, trying to get our schooling done, get ready for Christmas and move my blog. Can't wait to see your new one.

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