Friday, December 9, 2011

Reading Aloud Challenge - December 8th

Finally got back to some reading last week, after laryngitis and busy-ness and vacation time interrupted us.

We did a little reading in Properties of Ecosystems for science, and we did a lot of reading for music.  In addition to the reading about Ludwig von Beethoven in A Young Scholar's Guide to the Composers, we also did some backtracking.  I had ordered the book Bach and Baroque Music by Stefano Catucci from the library quite some time ago, and it finally came in, so we went through it and I picked and chose what we read.  I have to say I'm a little confused by this book - it looks like it's intended for kids with the pictures and all, but also says it's for 'young adult readers'.  And some of the text seemed like it might be above the average young adult reader too.  For example, "Bach's life story coincided with the transformation of the musician's craft from the 1500s to the 1700s: it followed the dilettantism in which playing a musical instrument was just a diversion and ultimately transformed into the epoch in which the composer was the glory of the national culture."  Hmmm.  Dilettantism? LOL  Bottom line is that I'm not sure the library has this categorized correctly when they put it in the juvenile biographies!   We also read a couple of biographies of Beethoven.

That was last week.  I never got around to posting!

This week...  we carried on in our Science book and our composer study, and at long last we got back to some Social Studies.  We read Life During the Great Civilizations - The Celts by Sheila Wyborny and learned about this European people group.

And I decided it was time to tackle another chapter book - it has been awhile since we last read a work of fiction together! I chose A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, and we have been working on that this week.  *I* love it.  I'm not entirely sure the kids feel that strongly about it.  Maybe my kids are weird, because they don't get all mushy about how much they love when I read to them.  Or maybe that comes later in life, when they begin to realize how blessed they were because they did have a mom that read to them.  Time will tell.

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