Monday, January 23, 2012

Goal Planning Monday - January 23, 2012

I started making a mental list last night of the things I need to make sure I do this week, and then remembered that there was a Goal Planning Monday meme on a couple of the blogs I follow.  So in the hopes that making some of my goals a little more public will keep me a little more focused, I am going to try to participate with Mama Manuscripts.

Here are the things I plan to accomplish this week:

  1. Finish preparing for this week's co-op lesson.  This Thursday will be the first week of our spring co-op classes, and I am teaching a physics class for the 13- and 14-year-olds.  We will be constructing cardboard cars this week and discussing things like gravity and friction.  I've salvaged enough cardboard boxes for each student to make a car, and have about half of the pieces already cut out, so we need to cut out the rest today and tomorrow. 
  2. Prepare report cards.  They are due by Friday.  I may be able to get them done today and deliver them this evening. 
  3. Get together a donation for Purple Heart.  They'll be coming by on Thursday.  I have some things set aside already but need to package those up, and get as many other items ready to go as I can. 
  4. Repairs and household projects for this week.  a) Our bedroom closet was overstuffed and badly organized before - it's chaos right now, and that will need to be dealt with.  Last week we discovered a plumbing problem with the bathtub, and the access panel is in that closet.  So we shoved stuff over and carted it out of the closet so hubby  could get at that access panel.  Closets are handy places to hide the stuff that you don't really know what to do with, alongside the things that you really do need to keep stored there.  Out of sight, out of mind - until the bathtub starts leaking, I guess.  That job has been moved up on my priority list!  On the plus side, I might be able to get rid of some of the stuff courtesy of Purple Heart!  b) The van needs a new wiper blade and a new signal light/taillight bulb.  That should probably be looked after today.  c) Get caught up with my daily decluttering and organizing calendar.  I forgot to do it a couple weeks ago and am several days behind! d) Have my house ready for company.  I've let the living room and dining room get cluttered again.
  5. Work on my blog.  I moved to Blogger about a month ago, and because I had computer problems about that same time, I basically set it up and started blogging here, waiting to fool with templates and backgrounds and converting old posts from my previous blog home so they could be moved here, until I had my computer repaired.  Well, my computer has been repaired and back home for at least two weeks now and I still haven't done any of those things.  There's no way I can do all of it this week and still get anything else done, but I will work on it.  I have a second blog I want to eventually move to Blogger too, so I will have to work on this project at least a couple days each week until it's done.
There are lots of other things I'll need to do, of course, but these are the things that are on my mind today, and that I need some motivation and accountability for.


Stefanie said...

I'm excited to see you accomplish #5 so you can tell me how to do it. =o)

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Great idea to make a list. I use to be a list maker but I don't do it anymore...probably b/c I have so many things to do it would be too!

Debbie said...

I am happy to see you joining us for Goal Planning Wednesday. I hope you got a lot accomplished this week. I have been doing GPM for the whole time it has been going on... a whole year... and it is great to set goals and see them accomplished. I can't wait to read your update tomorrow and see how you did.

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