Monday, January 30, 2012

Goal Planning Monday - January 30, 2012

Knowing I would have to report on some of my goals did help motivate me.  I didn't complete everything on my list, but I at least made progress on on most things. 

Here's what I worked on last week:
  1. Finish preparing for this week's co-op lesson.  Done!  We finished cutting out all the car parts and class went quite well on Thursday.
  2. Prepare report cards.  Done!  Turned them in on Thursday.
  3. Get together a donation for Purple Heart.  Done!  I had two large bags of clothing, and a small box of household items ready to go.  I have started a collection area so I'll be ready next time they call.
  4. Repairs and household projects for this week. Progress!  a) The bedroom closet didn't get completely cleaned out, but we made some progress with the repair work, and cleaned some of the clutter. b) Got the needed parts for the van.  c) Got closer to caught up with the daily declutter calendar, but not completely. d) Did get the house ready for company on Friday, and it didn't deteriorate too badly over the weekend either!
  5. Work on my blog.  Progress!  I set up the new template I wanted to use, and moved one set of posts over from my former blog.  There's more to move, and some other things I still want to do.
I had another important goal that I meant to add, and forgot.  I wanted to finish a book that I'd been working on for far too long - a biography of Tchaikovsky.  It was, to my disappointment, a boring book! So I had been dragging through it, but was a little more than halfway through and determined to see it through to the end! Well, as it turned out I couldn't renew it from the library so I was forced to finish the last of it one evening so I could take it back the following morning. 
A few goals for this coming week:
  1. Stay on top of the schoolwork and co-op lessons.  I want to keep up better with grades so I don't wind up with a stack to do all at once.  There will be a co-op lesson to prepare every week too.
  2. Finish all my mid-year phone calls.  I made a little start last week, but need to connect with all my families this week.
  3. Get taxes looked after.  Don't want to put this off any longer.  I have all the paperwork, so I just need to get the update for our tax software and get it done.
  4. Repairs and household projects for this week.  a) Finish the plumbing repair and get the closet cleaned up.  b)  Get the truck repaired! c)  Keep working on that daily declutter calendar and see if I can get caught up. 
  5. Reading... Read from A House For My Name by Peter J Leithart, and the accompanying OT readings each day.  Finish one of the novels I'm reading now, so I can get started on my birthday books - I bought the two newest Stephen Lawhead books (The Skin Map, which I will re-read before going on to The Bone House). 
  6. Blog Goals... finish migrating old posts, get my next TOS Review posted, and I have at least two other topics that I want to write about this week.
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Debbie said...

Well, you did really well last week. You had Done or Progress for each of you goals. That is great. Are you the one actually doing the plumbing and truck repairs?? If so that is really impressive. Have a blessed week.

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