Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Midterm Update

Last week I made up report cards for the end of first semester, and we started with some new routines for second semester.  I've also needed to make some phone calls to do midterm reviews with some families in our homeschool group.  It's a natural time to evaluate what we've accomplished so far this school year, and see if we're on track or need to change anything.

Spencer - Grade 11

Alpha Omega Lifepacs English 11 - We're sticking with this - Spencer isn't at the halfway point yet, but since there are a few sections we will probably leave out, I think it will still be fine.

Alpha Omega Lifepacs Geometry - Sticking with this too.  Again, not at the halfway point, but close. 

Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry - Spencer is working through this along with a lab class of other homeschooled boys.  This doesn't take much in the way of reminders from me to keep it up to date, because he has to have the work done in time for class each week. 

Notgrass Exploring America (History, Bible, American Literature) - we're just a bit shy of the halfway point with this.  The amount of reading does tend to bog Spencer down, but somehow it is all getting done.

ARTistic Pursuits Senior High Book One - This is going very well.  The book focuses on pencil drawings, which Spencer does well.  This is something he will let slide if he is getting behind in other subjects, but since it's not difficult for him to catch up, I don't worry about it. 

Landon - Grade 7

Alpha Omega Lifepacs Language Arts 7 - Landon has just passed the halfway point in this, and it's going fairly well.  This is not his favorite subject, but he doesn't find it difficult - just a bit boring!

Saxon Math 8/7 - we've had a few bumps on the road with Landon's math, mostly because he thinks he's so far ahead that he can leave it for a few days (or more!) at a time.  Well, he is ahead, but that doesn't mean I want him ignoring it.  So I had a heart-to-heart with him shortly after Christmas break and made sure he understood that he must do one whole lesson (or a test) in Math each school day - no exceptions.  He is well past halfway through the book, and I expect he'll finish this in April if all goes well.

Alpha Omega Lifepacs Bible 7 - Landon is also past the halfway point in Bible, and is doing well.  He likes to give the shortest possible answer and leave out answers that he require a longer response, so I sometimes need to get after him about that.  But the bottom line is that he is doing it, doesn't mind doing it, and is learning some good Bible basics.

Kennady - Grade 5

Alpha Omega Lifepacs Language Arts 7 -  Usually Kennady's favorite subject, although every now and again she finds a section in it that she doesn't like much and then she drags her feet about doing it.  But she's well past the halfway point so this is going well.


Math Mammoth Grade 5 - We actually started the year by finishing off Modern Curriculum Press Math D.  I had intended to keep going with MCP Math E, but we were able to review Math Mammoth and it seemed to click so much better with Kennady that I switched. I doubt we'll finish all of Grade 5 before the end of the school year, but I am seeing better progress.  Since this is the subject she struggles with, I was happy to find something that wasn't adding to her frustration.

We were going to work through Home Economics for Homeschoolers, Level 3 but never really got into the routine, so I have set it aside to do next year instead.  She does help with cooking and baking and housework, so it's only the sewing aspect that she is sort of missing out on. 
Landon and Kennady together

Around the World in 180 Days/Geography Through Art (social studies and art) - we are still studying Europe! I had thought we would do Europe in first semester, and the Americas in second semester, but that's not going exactly as planned.  There is a LOT to cover in Europe though, and when we get to North America, I am going to condense American history into only the briefest overview, since we spent the last two years doing American history, and will revisit it again next year.

God's Design for Chemistry and Ecology: Properties of Ecosystems and Exploring the World Around You - we finished the God's Design book a couple weeks ago and are now taking a little break before starting the other book next week.  It will be a once a week class.  So Science will be quite relaxed for the rest of the school year.

A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers - I haven't checked whether we're about halfway through or not, but we have been faithful about doing this, and enjoy it. 

During the first semester, all three kids attended a phys.ed. class once a week, which they really enjoyed.  And I did too, because it gave me a chance to get some errands or reading done while they were in class, or just hang around and visit with the other moms.  The class is available during the spring semester as well, but for the second year now, we have opted not to do it.  This is partly because for 12 weeks in the spring semester, Landon and Kennady attend another co-op offered by our group, and we simply can't afford the time to do both.  The spring co-op this year has classes in US Geography, Drama, and Art for Kennady; and Physics and Film-making for Landon.  Both kids thoroughly enjoy this co-op.


Stefanie said...

Glad to see that things are progressing nicely. And what a great idea for a post.

Erika said...

Sounds like a great, productive year!

Missouri Mama said...

I'm trying to be more organized this year. After reading your post I see I still have o long way to go.

Kympossible said...

oh believe me - I am FAR from organized!! LOL

Jill said...

Sounds like things are progressing nicely.

Mary said...

Great stuff. We have been tweaking things a little here too.

Jennifer said...

Halfway sounds encouraging. We are doing that same composer study, but not yet halfway with it.

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