Friday, February 24, 2012

Not Just Lullabies!

This week our study of the composers focused on the life and work of Johannes Brahms.  Is there anybody that is not familiar with Brahms' Lullaby?  But of course, Brahms is remembered for more than just this well-known melody.  He also composed beautiful symphonies, concertos, and choral works.  Although he composed during the height of the Romantic period, his style was much more like the great Classical composers, and he was a great admirer of Beethoven and Schumann.

Brahms had the honor, during his lifetime, of becoming known as one of the "Three B's" - Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms - so he was acknowledged along with two of the composers he admired most.

There's not much to see in this YouTube (just two stills in the first 7 seconds and then blank); but it is an incredible recording of another very recognizable Brahms composition, Hungarian Dance No. 5.  Enjoy!

This post is linked at ~a teaching heart~ where we are keeping each other accountable for making time for music in our homeschooling!

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