Monday, March 5, 2012

Goal Planning Monday - March 5, 2012

Another week in the books, and a new one beginning.  
  1. Grading.  Finish building the trebuchet for co-op.  Done.  Well,  of course I will not be completely done grading until report card time, but I'm keeping up.
  2. Taxes.  Still working on it.
  3. Finish tidying the sewing area and making it workable. Not done.  Barely scratched the surface of this job.
  4. Reading...  Done.  Still working through A House for My Name.  Finished two of the novels I was working on.  Finished  Mark Twain's Humorous Stories and Sketches.
  5. Blog Goals...Progress.  Got some of the posts up this week that I wanted to, including the review that was due.  I didn't do as much commenting as I'd like to.
  6. Meal planning. Done... I think. LOL  I had a plan, but it turned out to be an easy week since we ate out several times!
  7. Decluttering... Done.  Of course, I don't mean "done" in the sense that my house is completely clutter-free!  I mean "done" as in - we got rid of a bunch of clutter, so that there is noticeable progress.
So for the coming week...

  1. Grading, as always.  Start building the next projects for co-op.  Keeping up with my grading is a constant challenge.  This week's co-op class will be spent playing with the trebuchets we built last week. In the coming weeks, I want to do a Viking catapult, slings, paper match rockets, and a hydro pump rocket. 
  2. Taxes. Got to get that finished, I've let it drag on for much longer than necessary!
  3. Tidy up the sewing area, make it workable.  Carried over from last week, since that was the one I really neglected.
  4. Reading...  I think I can finish A House for My Name this week.  I'll be reading a bit each day so we'll see.  
  5. Blog Goals... get my book blog updated.  I have a couple of reviews that are scheduled during this week, and plan to have the first one up on Thursday or Friday.  Catch up on blog reading, do some commenting.  Finish importing old posts.
  6. Meal planning.  Another "as always" goal.  LOL
  7. Decluttering... from the 2012 Declutter & Organize Calendar, which I was following, but got behind.
  8. Phone Calls and To-Do Items sitting on my desk.  I've let several phone calls and tasks sit in my Inbox for too long, and I am going to do my best to clear those things up this week.

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