Monday, March 5, 2012

A Nature Center Photojournal

On Sunday afternoon, we finally did something we've been wanting to do for several years - we attended the Maple Sugarin' Festival at the nature center.  First things first - we needed lunch! We had a very good pancake and bacon lunch with real maple syrup.  The kids were surprised that I did not choose coffee to have with my pancakes! LOL  I'd had my quota for the morning already.  (Landon spotted a lady with a Tim Horton's travel mug, but we didn't get a chance to talk to her and find out the backstory.)

There was a demonstration area where they had tapped some red maple trees, and were boiling down sap.  Our area doesn't produce much maple syrup, or the best quality, since most of the trees here are red maples, and the climate conditions aren't best either.  Some day, I want to see it in New England!

We actually spent most of our time admiring the birds of prey.  The naturalists had several they were talking about and showing, and we paid a brief visit to the mews as well.

Red-tailed Hawk

Screech Owl:

Great Horned Owl:

Barred Owl:


Bald eagle:

There is an old log cabin on the nature center property, and my understanding is that it is only open for visitors to see inside a couple times a year.  One of those occasions is the Maple Sugarin'.

Bed looks pretty comfy, doesn't it?

Blacksmith demonstration:

Coming back from the mews, we even saw some deer tracks.  Kennady had some fun pretending to track the deer as we walked back to the truck so we could head home.

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Erika said...

How fun! I love days like this.

Jennifer said...

You got some great pictures. Our family enjoys doing things like that together, too.

Mary said...

How fun!!! Awesome pictures!!!!

Stefanie said...

I want to go!!!

Wendy said...

I would love to go to something like that! I've read several children's books that talk about Maple Sugarin' time, and it looks like a lot of hard work!

kewkew said...

Sounds like a wonderful day and a lovely place to visit. I know there is at least one place around here that does maple syrup, as my older kids went when in public school. I just am not sure exactly where it is, because I would love to take my little ones.
I LOVE the pictures of the owls. I've only ever seen them in pictures though. I would love to see them in real life one of these days.
Thanks for sharing with Throwback Thursday Blog-Style. Sorry it took me so long to come visit.

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