Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Goal Planning Monday (on Tuesday): May 29, 2012

A day late because I took a day off from the computer for Memorial Day.
  1. Final grades and report cards, sort out school materials. Progress.  I thought I might be able to finish up final grades last week, but it was a long shot.  Everything is graded except for the most recent English assignments, so today or tomorrow I can do the report cards. I started setting aside the things I will take for our evaluation, which is next week, and got a little start on separating out the things I need to get rid of.  Yesterday I was able to give away one of the items to a teacher friend that will be able to make good use of it.
  2. Clean up my desk. Not done.  Mostly I think it looks pretty much the same as it did a week ago.  At least it's not worse!
  3. Appointments for end-of-year evaluations. Progress. One evaluation finished, need to get the rest on my calendar. 
  4. Reading... Done, sort of.  I was going to just skip the first Shakespeare play in my study for now, but I think I found a copy at the library.  That reading project is on hold until I find out if I can get my hands on it or not.  I did finish the other novels I was working on, and did a pretty good job of keeping up with Bible reading - still room for improvement there, of course.
  5. Blog goals... Done. It was a relaxed blogging week, but I did participate in a couple of memes, which was what I had planned.  
  6. Baking.  Not done.  Time just got away from us this week.
  7. Meal planning.  Done, sort of.  Not a bad week, but a couple nights the meal was thrown together or everyone had to "shoot their own" because we were headed in so many different directions.  We had some good meals on the weekend though!  And with softball season near its end, there will be fewer hurried evenings.
  8. Decluttering... Progress.  Moved out a few things and I can get rid of some things for the yard sale tonight.
  9. This week's errands and to-do list includes: Complete except for some phone calls. 
In the abbreviated week ahead, I will be working on the following:
  1. Turn in report cards. They are due this week!
  2. Clean up my desk.  Because it is still messy.  And a book I bought recently has gone missing, so I have a little extra motivation.  And I need to remember where I stored our E-ZPass transponder so I can reactivate it.  I'm pretty sure that it's not in the desk itself, but I'm hoping that doing a little tidying and organizing will jog my memory of where I stashed it.  It's in one of those "safe places", if you know what I mean...
  3. Appointments for end-of-year evaluations. Get all those appointments on my calendar!
  4. Reading... I can start a couple of new novels! If the Shakespeare play actually arrives for me from the library, I can get going on that.  Keep up with Bible reading.
  5. Blog goals... memes and working on a couple of upcoming reviews.
  6. Baking. Better keep this on the list until I actually accomplish it properly.  
  7. Meal planning.  See #6. 
  8. Decluttering... Again, see #6.  LOL
  9. Change our health insurance plan, and research mortgage refinance.
  10. This week's errands and to-do list includes: CAP, softball, Bible study group, a couple order I need to place, and some phone calls.
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Debbie said...

I am late commenting... way late. Your list from 2 weeks ago looks like mine most of the time. Some things done, some things partly done, some things not done. I have only had one week, I think, in all 70 weeks, that I get everything accomplished... and I worked really hard to do that! Other things come up and change our situations... but I just keep plugging away.

I know all about" shoot your own" dinners. We have had some of those. My kids have a share in the cooking and this week we had my mother visiting. Because we couldn't just let her get her own dinner, she is almost 90, I had to take over one night because my son did not cook. We also had leftovers from Memorial Day on Tuesday so no one had to cook that day.

I hope that you had a great shortened week. I hope to comment on Tues. or Wed. this coming week and not so late.

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