Monday, June 4, 2012

Goal Planning Monday: June 4, 2012

Not everything went as planned this week - when does it ever? - as we had a minor disaster.  Our deep freeze stopped working!  Thankfully we discovered it before too much time had passed.  I have a new freezer on order and have temporarily moved our frozen foods (the stuff that was still frozen enough to be safe!) to the church freezer until our new one is here.  Anyway, that is my "excuse" this week - time I had planned to spend cleaning my desk was spent instead on cleaning out a freezer. *sigh*
  1. Turn in report cards. Done!
  2. Clean up my desk. Progress!  I got a little further with the project anyway.  I am still missing one of two books, and I still didn't find the E-ZPass transponder, but to be honest, I didn't look very hard.    
  3. Appointments for end-of-year evaluations.  Not done.  Made some calls, but I still need to get appointments made.
  4. Reading... Mostly done!  I started a couple of new books, and have been reading Shakespeare and doing my best to do my daily Bible reading.  I'm still struggling with doing that at a predictable time each day.   
  5. Blog goals... Done? I guess?  I didn't really have much specifically planned for the past week, but I did post a couple times, get my HMJ up on Friday (which has been my goal for a long time), and do a couple of minor updates. 
  6. Baking.  Not done.   
  7. Meal planning. Sort of. My meal plans changed radically this week when our deep freeze died! 
  8. Decluttering... Progress. Not much progress, but a little.
  9. Change our health insurance plan, and research mortgage refinance.  Done - by which I mean the first steps are done and I have to wait for response from the insurance company and mortgage office before I can do anything else.  We chose a new plan and sent in paper work, and I started the process of applying for refinancing.
  10. This week's errands and to-do list:  Complete except for some phone calls. 
Stuff on my to-do list for this week:
  1. Get our portfolios packed up for evaluation.  I've got some of the schoolwork set aside but I need to decide what to take along.  I am meeting the mom who does my evaluation on Tuesday evening, so that is my deadline.  By then I have to have the schoolwork I'm taking packed up for all three kids.  After the evaluation, we can carry on with sorting it out and storing what we keep and (hopefully) purging what we no longer need.
  2. Clean up my desk.  Still looking for the transponder.  And I am aiming to have use of the workspace on the desk within a couple weeks, instead of having it cluttered with things that should be stored/filed, or maybe just tossed.  There are lots of things "stored" on that desk that do NOT belong there.  Trouble is, I'm not sure where would be a better place...  LOL
  3. Appointments for end-of-year evaluations.  Finish those calls and get every appointment on the calendar.
  4. Reading...  continue the books I'm working on, finish the Henry V section of the Shakespeare study, and continue with daily Bible reading and study. 
  5. Blog goals... I need to make a blog button - that had been on my to-do list for awhile, but I'd put it off.  I would like to do it this week, along with a couple other posts.  I don't have a review due until next week, but I should work ahead on it.
  6. Baking and meal planning.  I'm combining these two this week because they're related.  How much baking I do is affected by the total lack of freezer space I have right now, and both are affected by the need to use the foods I saved from the freezer.  I was disappointed in how high my total grocery bill was in May, so I am focusing on keeping that spending down this month. 
  7. Decluttering... Particularly important will be decluttering the basement storage area again.  This is kind of the bottom of the priority list, because after all - it's storage, and nobody really sees it! But it's the pathway through which our old freezer will need to leave the house, and through which a new freezer will need to be delivered.  So now is a good time to clean it up some.  
  8. Nag the mortgage refinance people if I have to. They are understandably very busy, but if I don't hear back from them with progress reports, I will need to suck it up and call and bug them so it gets done.
  9. This week's errands and to-do list includes:  CAP, evaluations, softball playoffs, a possible AAA baseball game, Bible study group, phone calls, shopping, vehicle repairs...  And I thought it would be a slow week! Wrong!
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Cristi said...

I love the new blog button. You've inspired me to get working on mine -- a goal for this week that I kind of doubted that I'd accomplish.

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