Thursday, June 28, 2012

Think Back Thursday: Graduation

This week the Think Back Thursday theme is Graduation.  So far I have had one student graduate from our homeschool, so I'm going to start by thinking back to 2010.

Our homeschool group's Class of 2010 getting final instruction before the ceremony.

Presenting the diploma -

Moving the tassel -

Class of 2010 -

We had senior portraits done at a studio, so I can't scan and share those directly, but you can see them in the two center frames in these pictures from Harrison's display at the reception.

Some of his friends signed their congratulations on the mat of this portrait.

This picture was taken by a friend and we used it for the grad announcements.  (I am going to have her do all of Spencer's senior portraits because: 1) she does a great job!; 2) I would rather pay her than somebody else; and 3) she knows the magic words to make Spencer smile: 'sausage gravy'.)

In 2011, Harrison graduated from the Broadcast Institute of Maryland.  He finished school in February, but the graduation wasn't until the summer.

This is our family when we arrived.  Are the we most confused people in the room?  Probably.

Let's think back a little further, just for fun.  Back to my graduation from high school.
I graduated way back in 1984.  I don't know where my official portrait is right now, so I can't scan it, but this is from a snapshot taken at a grad banquet.
I had big hair in the 80s, but it's a little subdued in this picture.  But exaggerated by the shadow behind me.  LOL  You can tell I liked the blue eyeliner and purple eyeshadow trends as well.  Nice.

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Debbie said...

Looking back to your son's graduation was nice, but seeing your graduation photo was even better. I decided not to share my graduation photos (neither high school or college) because my slideshow was already long and I didn't want to overwhelm everyone or make them stop reading my blog. I may have shared them before, when I was doing Blast From The Past instead of Think Back Thursday, I don't remember. Maybe we will do graduation again some other year and I will share my graduation then.

Debbie said...

Oh, I forgot to say... thanks again for doing my meme and linking up.

Kym Thorpe said...

I wish I'd had more pictures from my own grad but I really don't know where most of them are right now!

I will probably not be able to do next week's Think Back because of vacation.

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