Thursday, October 25, 2012

Think Back Thursday: Autumn

This week's theme for Think Back Thursday is Autumn.  Beautiful autumn colors certainly can make for some gorgeous photographs.  However, I don't have nearly as many as I thought that show the amazing colors!  Near our home is a town that celebrates an event called ColorFest around the beginning of October each year.  Our region is not far from the Catoctin range of the Allegheny Mountains, so it's a popular for tourists who want to see fall colors.

For this Think Back Thursday, I chose a few pictures from over the last couple of years that do feature some fall colors, although the changing leaves are not always the main subject of the picture!

Landon in Catoctin State Forest, MD - 2006
The next three were taken at a park in Fairfield, PA in 2006.

Harrison had just jumped off the swings - one of our favorite games. LOL

Tree in my front yard - 2007
You can see the rust and gold leaves in the background of this picture.  Kennady had a Flat Stanley visiting, and we took him to the covered bridge near our home.  I think this was in 2007 also.

Here are Landon and Kennady at that same park in Fairfield, in 2008.

Codorus State Park, PA - 2010

Codorus State Park, PA - 2010
My oldest son's girlfriend made this fall floral arrangement for me last year, 2011.

view from my backyard - 2011

autumn sunrise seen from my backyard - 2011

I love how the fog settles in on autumn mornings.  This is one of my favorite things about fall, but it makes it a little harder to get pictures that really show fall colors! This one was taken last year, 2011, in my front yard.  The grass is still really green, but the trees are just starting to show rust and gold.

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Laura O in AK said...


I miss the reds in the trees from when we lived back east. Just yellow and a bit of gold out here for the most part. Love the view of you yard as well as the floral display you were given.

Almost makes me want to grab a cup of coffee and some pumpkin bread...

Debbie said...

Great photos. Love the autumn trees and park pictures. I used to jump off swings like that, and my kids did too. :-) Also love that floral arrangement. Thanks for participating.

Next week's TBT will hopefully be able to be posted, but check my blog for information because we are in the middle of hurricane Sandy and if we loose electricity I will not be able to post.

Kym Thorpe said...

It's possible we won't have electricity either. We are in 'wait and see' mode here.

Stay safe, Debbie! Praying for you and all my friends in Sandy's path!

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