Wednesday, November 14, 2012

J is for... Just a Second

I am still working on moving all my posts over from their former home, but I finally decided I needed to get this done.  Trying to think of a post for the letter J was what pushed me to get this done, at long last.

Please check out my book blog: Just a Second

I've used the name "Just a Second" for my second blog for quite some time - it's my second blog, I enjoy a second cup of coffee (and a third...), and "just a second..." is a pretty standard response from me when someone interrupts me when I'm reading.  I used to be pretty faithful in keeping up the second blog to write short blurbs about the books I'd read and a few other things that had nothing to do with homeschooling.  I brought my homeschool blog here to Blogger quite some time ago and basically ignored that second blog, although I always intended to move it here as well and get back to updating it.  Well, this morning I imported all the book posts.  There's some big gaps where I hadn't written for awhile, but I assure I was reading!  I won't try to catch up with all the books I've read since my last entry, but I might do some.  At least now that the new home for the blog is set up, I can (hopefully) keep it up to date.

Since it's coming to a new home, there aren't any subscribers yet, and I'd love it if you would subscribe.

Please visit Ben and Me: J is for Juicing to join in and to see what thoughts this week's letter has prompted for other bloggers.
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