Thursday, November 15, 2012

Think Back Thursday: Entry/Doorway

This week on Think Back Thursday, we're focusing on pictures of an Entry or Doorway.

This is a picture of me outside our front door in Calgary, Alberta, when I was three years old.

A couple pictures from my wedding day - the bridesmaids and I used the church nursery to change into our wedding finery.  So here I am in the doorway of the nursery bathroom, fixing my hair before putting on my veil. 

And a little later in the day, we were getting ready to go outside.  This is at the front door of the church.

This is our oldest son Harrison, playing in snow for the first time.  He is sitting at the front entrance to our home in Ocean City, New Jersey.

It seems to me that we have taken so many pictures of family members at the front door of my aunts' home in Winnipeg.  This is my family with my two aunts in 2005.

Shoveling a path through the snow to our kitchen door in February 2010.

Same spot, at night.  

And I saved the best for last.  I know I've shared this picture before because it is too hilarious not to.  I don't remember who took this picture or why, but here I am with the kids probably in 2002. Did you ever see a finer looking hillbilly family? All that's missing is my corncob pipe!  Bwaa haaa haaaa!!!

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Debbie said...

My favorites... the first of you when you were 3 and the last of your "hillbilly" family. I love pictures of family... just as they are. We have photos like this too!! LOL

Thanks for participating.

Do you have any ideas for themes for December??? if so leave me a comment on my blog.

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