Saturday, March 16, 2013

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Route 66 Edition

In our homeschool... We took it easy on History this week, with only two lessons. We had a little fun with history on Friday evening, when Kennady and I planned a vintage Route 66 Diner themed family dinner. More about that, including pictures, in an upcoming post!

the waitress making milkshakes to order!
We spent a little more time on Science, getting familiar with Supercharged Science and planning which of the units we want to work on first.

English and Language Arts were the focus this week, as Spencer and Landon both had to buckle down and get some writing assignments done, and Kennady was working in her Language Arts curriculum and also getting some assigned reading done.

Math has been a challenge for Spencer this week, and for the last couple of weeks, because the Switched-on Schoolhouse program he is using is not always cooperative.  For some reason it is very finnicky about when it will open and when it won't, and so far we haven't figured out a reliable workaround. We try all the tricks we can think of when it is in a mood, and if they don't work, then Spencer gets a day off from Consumer Math! What else can we do!? I haven't checked Landon's math for a little while - I know he's been working on it, but I'm not exactly sure how far along he is. Kennady continues to do her Target the Question (almost) daily practice sessions, and was very excited to get the new MathRider loaded up and ready to go. She helped me review MathRider quite awhile ago, and was thrilled that we get to review it again.

In other news... It was good to get back to choir and CAP this week, and Kennady started softball practice. Looks like we'll have to get her some new cleats though - last year's are just a bit tight!

Helpful homeschooling tips/advice to share... I picked up an American Trivia book for my Kindle Fire several weeks ago when it was free. Landon and Kennady have had a great time taking turns quizzing the rest of the family from it. They remember a lot from the History they've already studied and are learning new facts all the time. And having fun doing it.  It's a great pastime when we're driving.

What's working/not working for us... As I mentioned, the Switched-On Schoolhouse program is doing a little of each! We'd much prefer that it worked every time we need it to!

Thoughts/questions I have... now that Google Reader has announced it will be going away, I need to find a different blog reader and am starting to look at the alternatives. I'm not happy that I have to look for something else, but at least I have plenty of time to figure it out!

A photo/video/quote or link to share...

On the bookshelf...

  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  • The Spirit Well by Stephen R Lawhead
  • The Map Across Time by C.S. Lakin

A parting shot...

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Savannah McQueen said...

I love the pig. Aren't free kindle books that everyone enjoys, the best? Thanks for sharing on HammockTracks and I look forward to seeing what you've been up to this week.

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