Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Life in 250 Words (or so) {Blog Every Day in May}

FAQs about Me
(okay... probably not very frequently asked at all)
Who are you? I grew up in Calgary, Alberta and after I graduated high school I went to college in Winnipeg. I was there for one year but it was an important year because that's where I met my husband who is from southern Ontario. When we got married, we lived in Calgary again for a few years before moving to southern New Jersey, and then to Maryland where we are now. So - I'm a Christian wife and mother - married for 25+ years, and homeschooling for 14+ years. I'm not a writer or photographer, nor do I hope to be a writer or photographer; so often I think it's ridiculous that I have a blog at all.

What do you do all day? (This one IS frequently asked, usually by my husband) Other than Facebook and message boards and blogs, you mean? I do actually spend some time on homeschooling. I actively teach a couple of subjects, and need to be available to help with everything else. Sometimes just to give an evil eye now and again to make sure that they are actually working on math, y'know? And there's grading and lesson plans and teacher-type stuff like that. I find that my family rather expects that I'll do household chores like laundry and cooking, so I give that a go whenever I think about it, or it can't be avoided. I don't much care for cooking, I'm not gonna lie. Not terribly fond of cleaning either, to be perfectly honest. I would rather read, or nap, or do something that involves music. And I drink coffee in copious amounts. I am involved with music at our church, and help out with the youth ministry - call me crazy, but I actually like hanging with the teens! I'm also a member of a community choir, which is one of my opportunities to do something that doesn't hinge on my being someone's wife or mother.

I'm taking the Blog Every Day in May Challenge issued at Story of My Life.

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