Saturday, November 2, 2013

Homeschool Mother's Journal: Broken Computer Edition

In our homeschool... gotta be honest here and say it was not a stellar week, by any means. We were hampered by ongoing computer problems, and interrupted by illness and injury.

Social Studies - we got back to our Eating the Americas project and tried a couple of Ecuadorian recipes. We read about the countries of Guyana and Suriname, watched a DVD about archaeological discoveries at Machu Picchu, and started planning for some of the recipes from Paraguay that we might try.

English - we desperately need to get back on track with our writing program. Kennady has been reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and should be finished soon so she can work on the projects in her Lightning Lit study that relate to the book.

Math - Landon worked hard on Algebra this week, and Kennady made progress with Life of Fred.

I don't even know what else we did. I had to let the kids police themselves for schoolwork several times.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share... if you use a computer program to do lesson planning, back it up often and have a backup plan to use it! I have been backing up my Homeschool Tracker, but I don't have the program itself available anywhere except on that one user account that I can't get into. So the backup is doing me no good right now!

In other news... unable to solve the computer's issues by ourselves, we have been managing as best we can without access to the user account this week, and I am taking it to a friend to (hopefully) fix it up for me.

Kennady had a break from choir practice this week, and Landon's CAP activity was a bonfire instead of the usual meeting. On Wednesday we picked up Landon's new glasses, and I took Harrison to renew his passport. In the evening, our youth group and kids program at church held Trunk or Treat night. Landon dressed up as the "Dollar General" and won a prize. Kennady came up with a cute costume, but a rather obscure character - a 1920s news reporter, sort of like Scoops Callahan. I didn't stay for the entire night of festivities at church, since I was coming down with a cold or some such thing, and I really wanted to go home to bed.

Following the Trunk or Treat, DH had a hockey game and in the final five minutes of the third period, he fell and broke his wrist! We spent all day Thursday driving to this doctor and that, and to the hospital for x-rays. Friday he had surgery to put a plate and screws in the wrist, so I spent all day today running around as well.

Today was arguably the happiest day of the week, because I and the kids were privileged to attend the wedding of good friends from church. I wish hubby had been able to go along but he was still in enough pain with his wrist that he felt he'd be better off staying home and icing it. It was a beautiful day and a very beautiful wedding.

One of my favorite things this week... celebrating a lovely wedding today!

Things I'm working on... cleaning my house, getting my computer fixed, trying to stay healthy. Plus a couple of reviews to be posted in the next week or two, and that will wrap up this Review Crew year!

My posts this week included:
On the bookshelf...

  • The White Princess - Philippa Gregory
  • Midsummer's Night - Deanna Raybourn
  • At Home in Dogwood Mudhole - Franklin Sanders
  • Worship on Earth as it is in Heaven - Rory Noland
  • Forsaken Dreams - Mary Lu Tyndall
A parting shot... Sorry this is short and lacking in pictures. I'm using an old computer and it is painfully slow. I hope things are working lots better for us next week!

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