Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hard Side of Homeschooling

Homeschool Weekly Photo Challenge |
This week's photo challenge is to show the hard side of homeschooling. Goodness, where do I begin?

I often find it hard to keep up with grading...
especially when I have a big stack I want to get graded before I do report cards. Like this week. Ugh.

Attitudes like the one portrayed here make it a challenge.
(From my post: K is for Keeping It Real)

But maybe the hardest thing is this - 

-sleeping a little too late in the morning. Because it happens almost every day. I'd like to invent an alarm clock with a mechanical and homing device arm that reaches out and prods and shakes them till they actually sit upright. And then maybe tips them right out of the bed if they don't move on their own. It can be hard to homeschool when the students are sleepyheads and the threat of "missing the bus" isn't very real.

What's the most nagging daily challenge you face in your homeschool? Leave a comment and let me know!
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Stefanie said...

The children??? lol

Kristen H. said...

The sleeping late has gotten to be a problem here too. I do not think I should have to go and wake up my children. They need to be responsible for getting themselves up. But so far nagging isn't working very well ;)

Lisa Marie said...

Thanks for joining in! First of all - I think you should go ahead and invent that device! I think parents everywhere would make you a millionaire! ;) I'm not sure if I'm happy that my kids all seem to get up before 7..... lol. My challenge? My house lol. It's always a mess!!

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