Thursday, June 5, 2014

Virtual Refrigerator: Art from the Archives

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Okay, I'm not gonna lie - we are not doing school this week. We're taking a break. Because we were pretty much finished school, and I was busy preparing and checking portfolios, and there was just a lot of stuff going on so I said it was time to take a break. And that was fine, except that this morning I realized that I didn't have anything new to put up on the Virtual Fridge. That's fine too - it just meant that if I wanted to post something here (and I really do try to post the Fridge every week) I would have to dig something out of the archives. I say all that to let you know that these two pieces are a few years old. These were done by Kennady at a co-op art class, the first in 2011, and the second in 2010.

This is a lily (if I remember right) done in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe. From the time Kennady did this class, she has loved O'Keeffe's floral art.

And this is a self-portrait done in 2010. The students each brought a photo of themselves to class, and the instructor enlarged the photos and printed them in black & white. Then she cut away half of the photo, and the students used pencil and charcoal to fill in the missing half.

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Jennifer said...

Yay for breaks! I hope it is a lovely and relaxing week. Kennady's flower is lovely. That is a neat self portrait idea. I'll try to copy that for my kids. Thanks for the inspiration.

Chareen said...

Wow I love the idea of using a photograph for a self portrait!

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