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Homeschool Weekly/Middle School Monday

Middle School Monday

Welcome to Middle School Monday! Once again, I was away over the weekend, so I'm combining my Middle School Monday with my Homeschool Weekly post. I think we're finished traveling on the weekends for awhile now, and things will get back to "normal" around here, whatever that means!

In our homeschool...  We did our best to fit some school in this week, despite everything else going on. Landon was working in the mornings, and we had the kids' grandparents visiting us this week, so we had to adjust our schedule somewhat because of that. After all, time with extended family doesn't happen every week! Landon spent what little school time he had working on an essay-writing assignment and on his World History course.

Kennady worked mostly on Geography and Literature during the week, and I was so pleased that she was able to stay on track and get things done even though I wasn't as available to work with her. She completed the Geography chapters about the United Kingdom, which focused on England. The assignments were mostly reading, which turned out to be the easiest for her to get done with the schedule being hectic. She and I took some time together to discuss some of the foods traditional to England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland; and to pick out a few dishes we'd like to try. One thing we're planning on soon is a Brit-inspired tea party. I just have to sort out a date when Kennady's friend can join us for that. We also discussed the possibility of baking and trying breads representative of each of the countries or regions of Europe over this school year.

In other news... As I mentioned, my in-laws were here for a visit last week. DH and I drove to pick them up last Friday and Saturday, and drove them back home this past Friday and Saturday. They enjoyed their visit and despite some health concerns that cropped up during the week, the visit went well. Of course, our weekend schedules were thrown off by the traveling, and the kids were on their own both of those Fridays. Following are examples of the "art projects" that get done when Kennady is on her own...
Agents of SHIELD

Dr Who sonic screwdriver
Plans are underway for the choir trip in June, and Kennady is signed up to go. The chorus will be traveling to NYC and performing at Carnegie Hall!!

On my blog this week...
 Just two posts, but they were both about my middle schooler! Stonehenge is her artwork, and Visits to Europe is her Geography curriculum.
A parting shot... We imported these maple donuts from Canada, by special request. Because maple flavored stuff from Canada tastes better.

What did you do with your middle schooler this week? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Weekly Wrap-Up  
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