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Homeschool Weekly - Pi Day Edition

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Homeschool Weekly: Pi Day @

In our homeschool... I'm glad to report that Kennady got back on track with Science this week, as we spent some time reviewing some material and updating the assignment list with the things I wanted her to work on this week.
Homeschool Weekly: Pi Day @
Today being Pi Day, it's also fitting that I can say she worked hard on Math during the week, and finished the Life Of Fred book she'd been working on, and is finally ready to go on to the Pre-Algebra books.

She's been reading a new book that we'll be reviewing - Thick As Thieves by Susan K. Marlow.

As for Landon, he finished another unit in his Algebra study, and has also been working hard on History and Grammar, as well as Drafting.

In other news... it was a fairly "normal" week, I think. I started the week with a grad committee meeting on Monday night. On Tuesday we were back to all our usual activities - music lessons, gym class, Civil Air Patrol, and Kennady's choir practice. My choir practiced on Monday, so I had a free evening, and I could make it to CAP in time to see the promotions for the month.
Homeschool Weekly: Pi Day @
That's my cadet on the far right.

Homeschool Weekly: Pi Day @
I met with several homeschool moms for our monthly encouragement group night out on Thursday. A couple of our regulars were missing - one because she was with her husband who was diagnosed with cancer in the past week, and two others because they'd gone to visit them for the evening.

Still no news from our insurance company as to a settlement amount, so our home repairs remain in limbo for a bit longer.
Homeschool Weekly: Pi Day @
Of course today we will be eating PIE! I baked a cherry pie last night, and this evening will be making at least one pudding pie that the kids requested. We'll have meat pie and pizza (pie) for dinner too.  (And then we'll look forward to Lucky Charms for breakfast on Tuesday!)

Things that made me smile... being able to play some music with our two grads in preparation for the commencement ceremony; a relaxing evening out with homeschool moms; and these shamrocks that Kennady made just so I'd have something in "Irish green" to post on the Virtual Fridge.
Homeschool Weekly: Pi Day @

34 Weeks of Clean...
I'm participating in a weekly challenge and link-up at Family, Faith, and Fridays and this week we were to work on our Entry. Mine was quite cluttered, especially as it had become a temporary home for some things and was affected by our recent water damage. As you can see...
Homeschool Weekly: Pi Day @

I cleared out all the junk and swept/wiped down/dusted properly. The amp sitting on the floor is supposed to go to church so a friend of ours can see if it can be fixed, and it's been sitting there for simply ages. It is now loaded into the back of the van so it can go to church tomorrow. No more excuses! I found more appropriate homes for everything else, and moved the shoes that need to stay at the front door over to the side. (We rarely use this door, but have been planning to change that - another plan that has been little more than our good intentions - I took major steps to get it DONE this week!) Everything else you can see above, except for the small step-stool, was removed completely.
Homeschool Weekly: Pi Day @
We used to have baker's rack here, serving as a catch-all shelf for mittens and hats and any number of things that had no business being there at all. I cleaned it off and removed it to the dining room, which means a side table was moved back into the living room. Look at my crazy cat sitting on said table, haunting the picture. LOL But please ignore the mess in the living room - you can see that the ceiling still has a hole in it, and we are in the process of boxing things up so that repair work can be done.

Homeschool Weekly: Pi Day @   Homeschool Weekly: Pi Day @

After the repair work is completed, the entry will be painted and pictures and coat racks will go on the walls. I have a small shelf that may go here behind the chair - undecided as yet.

Homeschool Weekly: Pi Day @
Stairs properly swept and polished. The kids have a different
definition of "sweep the stairs" than I do, apparently.
Here is the baker's rack - back in the dining room!
Homeschool Weekly: Pi Day @

 For Week 11, the assignment is the bathrooms! Groan! For the details of the assignment, go to Family, Faith, and Fridays. Join in if you haven't already, and check back next week for our progress!

I recommend... I always recommend visiting the Schoolhouse Crew blog to find all the reviews and round-ups, and other info available there. One especially fun thing I noticed this week was the reviews for Egglo Entertainment products, which look like a lot of fun for Easter!
Review Crew

I also want to recommend another great resource, also from The Old Schoolhouse, called Right now is a great time to check it out, because for the month of March you can purchase a one-month trial (giving you access to everything on the site!) for just $1! And when we say "everything on the site" that is a lot! There are over 100 courses for every age and grade level. These include full-year courses as well as partial and supplemental courses in all subject areas. After your first month, you can continue to get all these resources for just $5.95/month, which is such a bargain! I've been hunting around the newly updated website this week looking for some fun things to add in to our homeschool, and there is a lot there to get excited about!

On the bookshelf...

If you pay a visit to my book blog, Just A Second I shared a review of the book I finished last week: The Legend of the Firefish (Trophy Chase Trilogy) by George Bryan Polivka, 

A parting shot... The cat is determined to haunt us. He also thinks this empty spot in the bookshelf was left there just for him.
Homeschool Weekly: Pi Day @

Weekly Wrap-Up


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Leah Courtney said...

Great job on the entryway! I love it when things look all neat and clean. :-) I'm a little jealous of your Pi day. We've had a day with homeschool friends doing math activities and eating pie for the last few years. But, this year our friends went to public school. We've been missing that special time this week as we thought about Pi day.

Michele said...

Love your Pi day activities, what a fun mom you are. Don't tell my kids we could have made a pie to celebrate! Your entry looks AMAZING! Well done. I know once your water damage is all fixed you will feel like it is a whole new house! Hang in there! Love the clock, by the way! Thanks for linking up, Kym!

Kym Thorpe said...

Thank you both for visiting and commenting! I love that clock too - one of my favorite pieces. It has a clock face on each side, and I used to have one set to our time and the other face set to the time zone my parents live in. It needs new batteries right now though. LOL And how will I ever figure out what color to paint that entry and the stairwell?? Help!

J Mama Bee said...

Just stopping by from Weekly Wrap up. Great job on your entry. Mine is forever collecting stuff too.

Suanna said...

Your entry way looks great! Keep up the good work and I hope your ceiling get fixed soon.

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