Thursday, March 19, 2015

Virtual Refrigerator - Fangirl Collages

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Virtual Refrigerator - Art Link-up
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March's Art Challenge:  Green (for St Patrick's Day!)
This month we'll be looking for artwork that features the color green, or is related to St Patrick's Day. Please continue to share any art posts on our Virtual Fridge as well - we love seeing all of them!

This week we had a tragic thing happen - Kennady ran out of sketch pads! She was all set to sketch the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Arc de Triomph or something that would be, y'know, educational and directly related to her geography study and all that. And no drawing paper, other than the huge size. Oh dear. To make matters worse, she only had a couple pages left in her pastel paper pad. So I will have to hit the craft store when next I go to town, clearly.

But all is not lost, because as she was looking through her past issues of youth Sunday School magazines, she found a number of pictures and quotes that she wanted to save, so she made a couple of inspirational fangirl collages. (Bonus: two are on a green background! Ha!)

These magazines are actually the Sunday School curriculum our youth use at church. The lessons often start the conversations by quoting or referencing celebrities, music, movies, and TV shows teens are familiar with. This appears in one of the captions on a photo from The Lord of the Rings:
In The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Frodo couldn't have completed his mission alone. Likewise, Christians need to be surrounded by other believers who can strengthen us and help us complete our mission of sharing the gospel.

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I like the idea of those collages. I love the green paper too!

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