Friday, December 11, 2015

From the High School Lesson Book - Playing Catch-up

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From the High School Lesson Book - Playing Catch-up on Homeschool Coffee Break @ - The high school lesson book will be a link-up starting in January 2016! If you blog about #homeschooling #highschool , add your blog to the blog roll here!

That's mostly what we've been doing this week - playing catch-up. And we're not winning, I don't think. Last week we had several activities - planned and unplanned! - that kept us from putting in a full five days of schoolwork, so this week we were supposed to be getting caught up again. But things don't always go quite as planned, especially during December! We were busy again and we're just rolling with it as best we can.

So - Landon has been trying to get as much history and science done as possible. Kennady got behind in Literature, so she did some extra reading this week, and tried to focus more on geography and science. Both kids have been neglecting grammar and composition over the past couple weeks, and I definitely share the blame for that because grammar is something I am supposed to be going over with them regularly, and they are doing the IEW Student Writing Intensive, which means I need to herd them together to watch the video lessons. And I haven't made either of those things a priority with everything else going on that distracts me. I had planned for us to do an IEW lesson this morning, but Kennady and I decided to get some shopping done after her chorus performed at a business breakfast this morning, so we didn't get home until lunchtime. Once again, our good intentions did not translate to work accomplished.

However, the Christmas season is usually like that for us, so I feel pretty confident that we'll hit the books hard in the new year and make up for any lost ground. We'll have to, Landon especially, and he knows it!

This also seems like a good time to announce that From the High School Lesson Book will be a link-up starting in January! This will keep me accountable to write about what my students are doing, which will in turn help keep us all accountable to get that schoolwork done so there's something to write about each week. And I'd like you to join in if you have high school students in your homeschool. Homeschool moms often say that they wish there was more in the blog-world about the high school years, and those of us that do blog about homeschooling find that it can be more of a challenge for us to write about it. We don't want to embarrass our teens, and we probably are less likely to have tons of cute pictures or projects to share as we work through algebra and economics, but as I challenge myself to share something, let me challenge you as well. Let's encourage each other, and those homeschool moms that are out there reading and wondering if they are alone in homeschooling their teenagers, or if they should continue to homeschool as their kids reach the high school years. Of course it's not all sunshine and lollipops, but homeschooling teens can be so rewarding and yes, it can be fun!

In just a couple weeks, we'll be sharing the final installment of the Homeschooling High School Blog Hop, and discussing the topic of Graduation. This sure is timely for me because my son does plan to graduate in just a few short months!

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