Friday, January 5, 2018

Homeschool Highlights - Happy New Year!

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Homeschool news  . . .  I wish I could say we jumped right back into school this week and got a lot done, but for various reasons we did not. Kennady got right to work on co-op things, as she had a Speech presentation due this week and had to meet with her classmate to finish that. She also put the finishing touches on her essay due in Writing class and reviewed French, so it was rather a letdown when all co-op classes had to be cancelled! We are in an extreme cold snap right now, and there was enough snow on Thursday morning to cause schools to close. I still had a meeting during the morning, so Kennady had some study and hang-out time with a couple friends that are also in the French class. Now, if only we could get Algebra and History back on track after the holiday!

Other news . . . We had a low-key celebration bringing in the New Year with friends. One of the families had sick kids and couldn't make it, and another had to work, so we were down in numbers but still had fun. The rest of the week we have been focused on staying warm! Kennady was also back to chorus rehearsal this week, but my choir doesn't start rehearsing until next week.

And at long last, we managed to get Kennady behind the wheel to start learning to drive! She's been reluctant, but she did just fine for her first time. Turns out she's not nervous about driving, but about having the sessions with a driving instructor! So we'll put those off until she's had a bit more experience.

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Funny, Flop, or Fail of the Week . . . I'm experiencing this flop right now, because blogger keeps telling me it can't add my photos and so far I haven't been able to figure out why! So if this post seems a little bare, that's the reason! I'll keep trying and hopefully will be able to update my post with a couple of photos later.

Update: I got some pictures to load! Problem must have been with my laptop.

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A parting shot . . .

I'll find one whenever I can start adding photos!

How about this one - the tie dye bluetooth turntable that's been a real hit!

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Jennifer Miller said...

I hope things return to normal soon! Our new co-op will begin February 1st.

Mother of 3 said...

We hardly got any schoolwork done either; the public schools near us all had one day of school (if any) due to the cold and snow which threw us off too.

Joesette Huffman said...

I'm glad Kennady is getting more comfortable with driving!

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