Monday, August 21, 2006


So.... I thought I was ready for the first day of school.    Actually, it's not too bad - but I am sitting here, less than half an hour before the school day is supposed to begin, typing up the assignment lists for the older boys and not really sure where things are.    The good news is: I know where the Bibles are, and that's what we'll start with each morning.  The first week (at least a week!) is for working on the glitches in the schedule anyway, right?


I anticipate problems in getting the younger two out of bed on time each morning.  My family is not known for their willingness to leap out of bed and get an early and cheerful start on the day.    An added kink in today's plans is that we are completely out of milk, which means I will have to run over to the village store this morning, before everyone can eat breakfast.


OK, assignment lists complete.  The countdown begins!




DanielleW said...

((((HUGS)))) my dear friend. Praying tomorrow is another day. And a MUCH better one.

Prncsstefy said...

At least the only way things can go is up!

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